Full Moon December 28th, 2012. Revelations!

Full Moon Friday December 28th, 2012. 6:22 am AST.


The thing is Are you READY?


This full moon on December 28th is at 7 degrees Cancer.

The Opposition is in Pluto and May Likely Push you to the Boiling Point when Light shines on Your deepest Darkest “Demons” within you.

When I say deepest darkest, I am referring to your hidden secrets. The Ones that you have not loved within yourself.

They only appear dark as the Light has not been brought to them.

They will surface Now and it is Paramount that you Give compassion and Love to your Darkest Fears.

Harmony is Not Based on Situations or Circumstances.

Harmony is Living in Your Heart with Compassion.

This is First and foremost for you!   Or else it is not Real.

And this needs to Be very REAL now..no hiding behind closed doors.


So Why the Revelations?

You choose the Dream of your own making. All is Frequency!

This is time to self-destruct or face the greatest Revelations in this your incarnation.

Conspiracy Theories, addictions, protests within YOU will surface, even rage and downright Hatred towards the Light. I have already seen this starting yesterday in people. Know this will not calm down and is for your benefit as YOU, yes YOU as you transform into the new Human of Light into the NewEra of Light.

Or else you choose not to. This is a Free Will Universe.

Know that this is for your benefit. The Universe does not lie and is the perfect Mirror of YOU and Your Frequency.

With a Strong Focus and the Ability to Stay in Harmony you will see literally unfold before your eyes the Vision and the Beauty of Your Dreams.

If you Hold and Maintain this, you will experience your Dream come true..

It is VERY important to keep the emotional Body calm. When the emotional body is calm the mental body is also, then all systems will be in Harmony.

Staying in Harmony will allow you to  stay present and release with ease anything that does come up within you that has not yet seen the Light.

To help you during the time of the month and through this INTENSE time on PLANET EARTH when the Emotional Body  is more up and down, I urge you to TAKE the time to listen to my Frequency Transmissions and Receive The Queen of Light Transmissions. This will help You stay calm and focused on your Heart and on your Alchemical Transfiguration into Light.

These Frequencies are Transmitted from the Central Sun through The Queen of Light. They Transform your DNA and Cellular Consciousness to Divine Union. Source Frequency.

The Links are Below.

Take time for you and acknowledge the Sacred  Gift of the Moon and the Natural Cycles in Your Life. I am sending You My Love Now,during this Full Moon, and during this Momentous Time on Planet Earth. Allow yourself to receive this Unconditional Love and Grace from the Central Sun directly into Your Higher Heart and Blueprint Now with These Codes of Light.

May this time Hold for YOU the Great “Revelations” your Soul desires.

I Love You.

I Hold you in Divine Love, Union and Harmony in Eternity,

The Queen of Light

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copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. I allow myself to receive the unconditional love and grace from The Central Sun directly into My Higher Heart and Blueprint Now with these Codes of Light. Thank YOU so much!

    I Love You!

    ~Brianna 🙏🏻💜🎶

  2. Stay present in your Heart, holding you in Divine Union.

  3. Hi, everyone.
    I just saw this post today and it hit right on the nail. For the past two weeks things have been changing in me and I can’t explain them. Although I will say it started with a dream about a coyote. Anyway, during the full moon I thought I was going crazy.
    My emotions were wild and I couldn’t calm them or I didn’t know how too.
    Now, I feel something else. Like I’m looking for something lost. All I want to do is find out why all of this is happening. I read a website that talked of many things, ( not to sound strang but it was alien abductions) and then I ended up reading about starseeds. I have every characteristic. Still, I don’t know what I means. I’ve been hearing things but block it because of fear. Please, I need guidance. Real guidance. Please

  4. Awesome Laura, so clear and loving. Thank you!!

  5. that’s what im doing, ive been listening to your frequencies also when i go to bed really helps me to relax focused ans centered. love you queen of light.<3.

  6. awesome, let all of the unreconciled feelings arise. I’ll just listen to the frequency transmissions, and watch them. Love you Queen of Light xxxxx

  7. Young Skyywalker

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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