Pure Being is Full Surrender

Pure Being is Like Free Falling; Zero Point.

Pure Being is Full Surrender!

So many of you send me wonderful questions about YOUR  upcoming fears of what will happen.

I will attempt here to portray Now what it is like to Live and Be the Eternal Flow of Being.

Of course words cannot describe this. The Words will lead you to the experience.

This is not about Believing because that has no place in Pure Being.

For a few moments allow yourself the Freedom of Letting go of Your Beliefs. Feel as much as you can in your Cells what I speak of  To YOU directly.

Believing is NOT the Same as Knowing.

Explaining to you in Earth Language an experience you have not had does not give you the Experience, it simply leads you to it.

When YOU experience This Way of Being You Will Know. Then you will exist in Being and Pure Knowing.

Every movement and moment is like  Free Falling;  Zero Point.


Taking a few steps now, Follow me into the world of Pure Being. I will take  you with me into my World.

Simply Allow.

You wake up and take your first conscious breath, all you notice and Feel is Being. You do not know what the next moment will bring. You do not exist in Time. All sense of time has vanished.

You are simply breathing moving in a physical Body. You know you are Not your Body.

Every Breath is Ecstasy.

In this flow all things arise, you see and allow as all experiences present themselves to you, moving  in and out of your awareness.

You are Observing. You are not attached to the experience.

You have become THE WAY energy moves.

You are Movement and Flow.

You simply Are.

You have no attachment to outcomes.

How could you? All things are perfect in the Moment.

As you Exist in this flow, it feels like complete Abandon and FREEDOM as you hold on to NO thing.

It is like continuously walking every step as if off a cliff…each step experiencing and Being the Freedom of surrender to What Is.

You let go of ALL expectations.

In this is you ARE Freedom. You have Become Freedom with each Breath.

You Hear your mind say some things..old words..you quietly tell your Mind, all is Ok, I am Pure Being Now.

The echo of  thoughts that once were prominent in your awareness leave like freshness after a Rain Shower.

You are in the Flow of Pure Being, the observer, the observed and the Doer Now.

Ecstasy is every Breath in Union.

Moment to moment you DO NOT know what will happen Next.

You live and Breathe out of Your Heart in Union.

You are the Love and Union you have Desired for so Long, like an Ancient Treasure you felt you had lost but found and realized was always there.

In this you have found your freedom.

No thing to Fear Now Ever.

You have released yourself from Suffering Now.

This is True Freedom.

Each breath truly is Ecstasy.

You have let go of your old ways of should and should nots.

You are Pure Being; Pure Source.

You are Union.

You are Ecstasy.

You Simply Are Pure Being Now.

I will close now with Surrounding you and Holding you in the Ecstasy of Pure Being.

I will include links BELOW that WILL Help you enter in to Pure Being.

I love you All.

In Divine Union, Ecstasy and Eternal Love,

The Queen of Light

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Holding You all in Divine Love, Union and Harmony Now,

The Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.





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