Miracles are Simply a DNA Frequency

Miracles are Simply a DNA Frequency.

Please Note all of my written Material Are Frequency Encoded Transmissions. Each time you Read them you will receive more Transmissions from them.

I have seen  countless Miracles.

I will continue  to write on Miracles and soon  add (with permission)  the Miracles I have witnessed involving other People.

Miracles are  Sudden Shifts in Frequency that Change Your Reality.

Frequency creates miracles.

Nothing shows up in your Existence that does not match your Frequency.

It is impossible to be otherwise.

As you Shift in Frequency to Love, Union and Harmony, all True Desires Show up.

In the Following Areas of your Life Make notes as to which AREAS of your Existence  could benefit from A Frequency Shift.

Your Health.




Love Relationship.




To change them Simply Change your Frequency!

Every Thing Mirrors YOUR Frequency.

As Your DNA and Cellular Consciousness Shift to the Frequency of Harmony in Union all the Above “areas” Shift also.

Your DNA is constantly receiving information and is vibrating at a Frequency.

When you are in the Frequency of Disharmony the Higher Levels of  Love and Union close down. You then Vibrate in Disharmony which is the Frequency of Lack, Separation, Depression, etc.

As You Align yourself With The Frequency of Harmony  your DNA Changes and Your Life. Sudden Miracles will Show up.

Harmony is Union.

The True Desires in Your Heart are Like a Fire.

Your Desires Burn and continue to Burn when You Allow the Fire to Grow in Harmony with your True Hearts  Desire.

When you are in Disharmony the Fire Goes out. This is when you may have noticed an improvement then things seem to be going backwards.

Everything is Frequency.

Your DNA ACtivates in UNION with YOUR Desires WHEN you Are in Harmony

Make your Notes. Measure your Frequency based on a scale of 1 to 10.

For an example Abundance..rate where you are on a scale of 1 to 10 right NOW.

If YOU are a 5..Know that the Harmony in that Area is at 50 percent.

Raise your Frequency to 100 percent and you are Fully living in Union and Harmony with Abundance.

Do this will all AREAS Please!!

Shifting Your Frequency is EASY.

Simply Vibrate to Harmony in those areas within You, within your Cellular Consciousness and DNA.

Begin to Align your Frequency with the Miracles and Desires of your Heart today!

I have created audio Frequency Transmissions. The Frequency is Source, in the Central Sun through The Queen of Light. The Frequency is  transmitted to all Souls who will ever receive them. They are Transmitted To You Beyond Time and Space.

I will describe each one briefly here. Make notes as to which Ones are most needed in Your Shift in Frequency based on the 1 to 10 Scale you created Above. Then listen Night and Day, you do not even need to hear every word, it is a Frequency Transmission. LIke Dialing into a LIne of Frequency that you begin to Vibrate to and with.

Stay in The Harmony of Your Heart Frequency.

I have Created a Healing Frequency Transmission. Listening to this you Receive the Frequency in your DNA and Cellular Consciousness and YOU Begin to Vibrate in Harmony with Health and You Become Healthy.

I have created an Abundance Frequency Transmission on YouTube Also. As You listen, and this can be overnight as well, your Cellular Consciousness and DNA Shift in Harmony with Abundance!

That Easy!

I have Created a Divine Union Transmission. This will Allow you to Vibrate at the Frequency in Harmony with your Soul, with Source.

I have Created a Heart Frequency Transmission which will allow your DNA to Vibrate in Union with your Higher Heart.

I have Created a Love Frequency Transmission which will Allow your DNA to vibrate and cellular Consciousness with Divine love.

My Subtle Body Frequency Transmission will allow your DNA to vibrate in Harmony with your Subtle Body. Your Awareness of Your Subtle Body will increase as you  are in Harmony with it.

I am creating More just for YOU.

To Receive the Daily 3am Frequency Transmission that goes out to all Souls who agree throughout the Planet Earth Please Join my Group.

I will include all the links Below.

In closing Please know you are Always Loved and Held in Divine Union. You are not reaching for something you do not have. You are Simply Shifting your DNA in Alignment with what Already is through your  Frequency and Vibration.

 In Divine Ecstasy of Eternal Union, Love, Harmony and Miracles,

The Queen of Light

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I Love You.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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  1. Thank you Mercedes! love you

  2. Love you Diane, thank YOU xo

  3. Thank you for your gift, I love you

  4. Thank You Laura, These transmissions have changed my life in so many ways… I feel I understand my mission here on earth, when one opens up their hearts all things re possible…Love, you! xo

  5. After running the minefield of ‘what ifs’, ‘maybe’s, ‘why nots’ daily, shifting seems less of a miracle and more a way of being. Trusting the moment, not grasping. Stepping into and allowing, surrendering..unfolding happens. Perfect in every way. Thanks Laura i’ve been working on this. I LOVE You xxxxx

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