Moving out of Ego Suffering into Your Heart

Moving out of Ego Suffering into Your Heart.

I tend not to use the word “ego” as it activates resistance in those who are existing from and through their mental Body. The ego is cunning and works well to protect itself and its very existence.

I could write on The illusion of this Realm and the Ego..for Now I will focus on those that may be reading this and “Beginning” to Enter the Shift to Union.

I will say again, This Shift involves your DNA and Cellular Consciousness Shifting to Love, Union and Harmony, 5th Dimension.

What does this mean in practical terms?

The awareness of existing in the Flight or Fight responses of the mind and Ego ARE Leaving…they are not Part of the 5th Dimension Frequency.

If you are wanting to Know if you exist in your Ego more than your Heart, Ask yourself the following questions:

Do You React to situations?

Do you feel life is unfair to You?

Do you base your relationships on how well they are treating you based on your expectations?

Does everything seem Not Right.

Do you judge people?

Do you feel people are your enemies?

If you answered YES to any of the Above, and STAY in the RESPONSE you are EXISTING more in your ego.

What does this mean?

This simply means you “Reality Show” is run by and through your mental body. This is the OLD Program. Your DNA and Cellular Consciousness are Shifting!

The Increase in pain as YOU Resist the “Moving out of the Ego” may seem to increase. The very nature of the EGO is Reaction and Resistance.

So How can you move out of this with Ease?

How can you move out of Suffering and End this cycle within your life.

Very Easily. First Begin to Observe your Reactions. What you hold on to and what you resist.

Be the Observer of YOU.

You may be surprised what you see in yourself, STAY Observing.  Love all of YOU with Great Compassion.

Compassion for Yourself allows you to have true Compassion for others.

As you Observe you lesson the grip of the Ego.

As you are Now Observing and staying Present, Add your Breath Awareness and Focus in on Your Heart Space, yes physical Heart as OFTEN  AS Possible.

You will begin to Shift into Greater Harmony.

And Like the Movie “Beautiful Mind” you will lessen the Voice of the Power the Ego has OVER You.

And very soon since ALL is FREQUENCY you will Live in YOUR Heart and Be the Love and Union You Desire.

I have Created Frequency Transmissions that WILL HELP YOU. Many have shifted through these. I would suggest Daily so that your DNA can Adjust with Ease to the Frequency of Love, Union and Harmony.

I also offer to all who want the Daily Queen of Light Transmissions, 3am AST. I will include the links BELOW.

I would like to close with this, I wrote this on Facebook this is a shortened version.

If you feel the World conspires against YOU.

If you Feel you have enemies that once were seen as Love.

If your Heart Cries out in PAIN telling you once More you are Alone.

Realize this.

It is Only the Mind that Tells You so.

In the Heart, Love always Flows.

In Divine Ecstasy of Eternal Union,

The Queen of Light

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  1. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she retains the idea of a user in his/her mind that
    how a user can know it. Therefore that’s why this piece
    of writing is great. Thanks!

  2. Thank YOU Suzanne!
    Loving you in Eternity!

  3. soulcoachsuzanne

    Beautiful ego of ours, thank you for all you do and have done to keep us alive thru all of this and taking care of us..protecting us. But, now that we are moving into our hearts and into our fuill I AM presence and are present and aware enough to lead from here…we kindly ask you to support us in every way and be our best friend. We will never abandon you and we relieve you of a burden that was never meant for you to bear. Thank you…we love you and so glad to have you on our side to support us as needed (which may change) and we have great compassion for you, ourselves and others related to all of this. Thank you Laura..for EVERYTHING you are BEING and DOING here. As ever, Your Suzanne

  4. Awesome Deva!!
    Very true, thank you.

  5. Some advise eradicate the ego, others say you don’t eradicate but rather learn to maintain or subjugate the ego to Self, through Heart. I think whatever works for you. I’ve learned that ego seems to to be there at more subtle levels as i shift. I have learned its OK Not to be right, and i don’t have to label anything as good or bad, or Like and Dislike. Harmony is always there to be had, just breathe in the Heart, and Love. Sunshine of my Love, Laura xxxx

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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