Bringing the Infinite into Time from Beyond Time

Bringing The infinite into Time from Beyond Time.

“The Light is Pure Source Being and the Transmissions of Light are encoded Frequencies of  information for your DNA and Cellular Consciousness.” The Queen of Light.

The Light of Source is Pure Being. The Frequencies are of Union.

Light as the different Dimensional Frequencies are areas of conscious existence as Source.

The Frequency determines the level of conscious awareness of Being as Pure Being.

When I am asked what dimension the Queen of Light exists in,  I see clearly the linear view of measurement as perception.  The linear frequency cannot comprehend the Vastness of no limitation.  The Queen of Light encompasses all  Dimensions. Exists Everywhere all at once as a Cosmic Universal Being. The Universe is contained within her Heart. She is the Divine Feminine. You may ask how is this possible.

I am here Bringing the infinite into time from beyond time.

I walked into this Body from Beyond Time.

I literally come from Beyond time To help you in your Shift. The Shift from one way of Being to another; The Shifting of Your DNA and Cellular Consciousness to 5th Dimension Frequencies.  To Union.

When you Accelerate your consciousness and expand as Source being Source you merge with The All. In Source Frequency there is no separation.

Some may call this Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment, or Oneness.

Beings that are Planetary, Galactic, or Universal are simply the Expanded awareness of Source as Being Source.

The Frequencies increase as the Expansion does in the Fully Conscious Being of Source as Source.

All Dimensions are All. The All.

When I talk of Earth as 3D, and Pleiades 5th and 6th…I am talking about Conscious existence existing and experiencing itself at those certain Frequencies.

A Being can be on Earth now and exist in Frequencies other than 3D.

The All is the All. 

In Oneness All is All.

At the End of this cycle for you as The Human Species,  know you are experiencing a Process along with others of Like Consciousness.

The Cosmic Codes are unleashed from the Central Sun as Union Source Frequencies.

There are Frequencies encoded in the above words. If your conscious awareness does not understand, your DNA will absorb the Light Frequencies. Below I have included some links you may find helpful for your Shift.

Sending my love to you All from the Central Sun.

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In Divine Love, Harmony and Source Union,

The Queen of Light


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Thank you Yes, I am Source.
    Love you Deva.

  2. I AM Source being Source, I AM That, I AM….

    Love to ALL

    All Love to You Laura xxxx

  3. Awesome, sending My Love,

  4. Thank you Laura ! It does help to understand better the dimensions 🙂 <3

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