The Angelic Realms and Frequency

Existing in The Angelic Realms and Frequency.

I had many existences in the Angelic Realm. It is a Very Loving Place to Exist. As part of my First Contract the Soul Exchange involved the Soul Walking out and Spending time in the Angelic Realm. The Angels followed by a Stream of Light Orbs came to Sever My First Contract.

It is always a beautiful experience to Walk with the Angels every day.

The Angels are My Friends, they are always around. Archangel Gabriel is very close to me as well as many other Angels,  including Seraphiel, Metatron, The Seraphim and many more.

The Angels are your Friends.

To Know something you need to experience it.

Having Beliefs limits you from Knowing.

To truly Know Angels Exist it would be Best for You to have direct experiences with the Angelic Realm.

Do you talk to Angels?

If you are Talking and Not hearing please Know that the Angels carry a certain Frequency. As you Vibrate to the Frequency you have access to a direct Line.

Now Please remember all is Frequency. The Angels as well as Other Advanced Beings have a Very High Frequency.

As you Raise your Frequency and Vibrate to Harmony, Love and Union you will Know through direct experience the Angels are always here. There is no distance or separation.

Walking into a Body and Consciously maintaining Awareness in all other Realms requires a Certain Frequency.

Some have said a Souls Frequency is based on the amount of existences the Soul has experienced.

No matter what your Soul Frequency,  staying in the Frequency of  Harmony within your Heart, in your Life at all times, opens the doors to Union Frequency.

In the Frequency of Harmony and Union you access your Soul and your Highest Destiny.

The Angels Love you. All Advanced Beings Love You.

You are Moving and Merging your Frequency Now with the 5th Dimension. You are Shifting to Love and Union.

When you experience glimpses and full knowing you are Accessing Greater Parts of your Soul Frequency.

It is Paramount to stay in Harmony. For Ease and Grace. To experience more of Your Soul. To Shift easily to the Frequency 5th Dimension. To feel Love and Be the Love you are and Desire.

I am sending you all my Love now. The Angels and all Ascended Masters, The Queen of Light  and All Beings of Light are always available Now. You are Shifting your Frequency to Love and Union.

I am including some LInks that will be beneficial to you in your Journey.

I love you All.

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In Divine Love and Union in Harmony with the Angelic Realm,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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