Enter the Doorway to Ecstasy in Timelessness

The Perception of Beauty can be experienced through the Heart and through Eyes of the Soul at deeper levels into Eternity.

To open yourself up to greater and greater depths of Beauty, Open your Heart through Stillness. Nature often opening you to stillness reaches you on different levels. To sit with a Sunset, or to Look into the Stars offers a sense of Vastness beyond the Physical through the Awe of the Present Moment. Most people will experience this awakening in the present Moment through Nature.

Some of You it may be your animals that touch your Heart and awaken you to greater Beauty.

Babies also awaken the vastness in Eternity in the Present Moment.

The Sexual Experience of the Orgasm also moves Most people briefly into the awareness of the present Moment, which is Ecstasy.

Does it need to be brief though?

Can YOU enter into the state of awareness which is Like a constant Orgasm throughout your cells on a deeper level? Yes you can.

The Ecstasy of the present Moment experienced in Great Depth Deep Within You, can be accessed and recreated and held in YOUR cellular memory.

So all these great things are wonderful and beautiful. Even if you are Not presently experiencing Beauty you can enter into your memories and recreate the Awareness of Beauty throughout your day.

The perception of Falling in Love is also the awareness of Beauty beyond the Physical.

Moving your awareness into the Timelessness of Beauty awakens you to Greater and Greater Depths of Love and Beauty.

What to do if you are not experiencing Love, or feel you have no Beauty around you?

Can you look into the mirror and see the Beauty of YOU?

Love is experienced as Awe and Beauty in Timelessness. Can you see your Soul in your own Eyes and in the Eyes of Others?

I often have my students look into each others eyes as part of one of my Meditations. The results are always profound.

If you are reading this, Please look into YOUR eyes today in the Mirror. Allow yourself to relax and Look deeper and deeper. Wait, breathe and Look deeper. Have compassion for Yourself and Love while you Look Deep within.

Back to experiencing The State and Awareness of Love and Beauty at all times. More Ecstasy throughout your Day. It may take some practise if you have not been experiencing the awareness of Beauty Daily.

Allow Yourself to experience your Life as Timeless Beauty. Look for the Beauty around YOU and Within You. And Surround yourself with the Awareness of Beauty. If you go through times throughout the Day that you feel are far from Beauty or Ecstasy; remember that sunset; those moments when you experienced Love and Beauty. This is not the Same of thinking of past events; Love and Beauty are Held in the Heart of Timelessness.

The Feeling created through the experience of Being in Love is always the Present Moment Timeless Love of Beauty.

Fall in Love with YOU. Fall in Love with YOUR Life. Fall in Love with Nature; The Stars and the Ocean. Then Fall in Love with All Beings Everywhere. With all Life and All Existences.

Then you Enter to Doorway to Eternity.

Ecstasy Awaits you in Eternal Beauty, Enter Now.

Love to YOU all in Timelessness in Eternity and Beauty.



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012..

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. OMG Laura! So Beautiful and so poetic and So correct. Speak the intent and ~ so it is.. I am Speechless in regards to the expression of your heart.. I can just feel it !

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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