Animals Ascending

Some people have asked me about Animal Souls. I communicate with animals at Soul Level on Earth and once crossed Over. This is the Frequency of Union; No Time and No Space.

They have Souls and Blueprints as well as Humans and all Beings; All are Source Frequency.

The animals that have gone Extinct have already ascended.

Animals also have 3 opportunities to cross over in their existence on Earth the same as Humans do. Rare cases there may be an extension beyond the 3 opportunities.

There is Life Plan agreed upon by each Soul before incarnation and this includes for other existences that are Not on Earth. All existences and Life Plans are encoded in the Original Blueprint.

Eternity is expanding into infinity.

If you would like to help your pet awaken the mirror use also works for them. If they can begin to see themselves in a Mirror and spend time there they will look deeper and deeper.

Do not take my word on this, BETTER yet try it for yourself with YOUR Pet and notice the difference. They will be more Zen like and communicate with you at deeper levels.

An example is have a safe mirror at floor level suitable that your Cat or Dog may sit near it comfortably and look into.

Love to all of YOU and I will write more on Animals and their Souls again.




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  1. Thank YOU Beloved QOL ~ I would love to receive more knowledge in regard to animals. They are so precious & I love being around them. The mirror use is V interesting. I am So V Grateful to have Samantha Pearl in my life ~ such a blessed day when she arrived ~ & much joy she has brought in my life. I open to more love & expansion. In Deep Gratitude & Love Always. 🙂 I Love YOU 🙂

  2. My cat Maggie, has started to sit in front of a mirror more and more. The other day I even asked her as I could not understand why this change 😀 . Thank you Laura for the explanation. Maggie is always hearing the transmissions I listen to ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Yes, the Soul of the Cat is well and had incarnated many times with your friend.

    And may show up again.
    Love you.

  4. Hi Laura, since you seemed to have mentioned that you communicate with animals, one of my best friend’s pet just passed away 3 days ago, and we are both very sad.
    Is it possible that you can communicate with his cat Jerrica (aka Jerry0?

  5. You said, animals have three opportunities to cross over the same as humans do… Can you elaborate on that?

    I am very in tune with horses and love to give them love energy through intention, breath and guidance. Is this the way to the new fifth dimension ? I love your information!

  6. Totally awesome post ,, I Play with in my animals energy field and find my Himalayan does not like me in her root chakra Mirrors are a great idea ! I found first the need to eliminate the fear they have of the eyes, staring or gazing normally leads to agression or intimidation in animals so little by little is how to go for mine.. I am very conscious of my pets and little by little they are responding very well.. thay always come into the room when Im doing energy work ! they love it !

  7. ACHARAYA(andro-meta)::::::I just sent a post to my wall at FB with 10 people, hope it helps.. U have seriuos knowledge about alot of things… Its not hard to tell when ya feel the same things. I resonate with ya sister, on alot of your stuff.. GOOD VIBES to the WAYSHOWERS….. NAMASTE

  8. Awesome Mick! Thank you for commenting! Love to you!

  9. Mirror mirror on the the wall, whos the fairest of them all?? namaste from IAM Micha-EL or Mick Serridge… yes animals have souls, i have my POWER TOTEM built and iam protected by GREY HERON and many others.

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