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The Lords of Karma and MORE

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoCreation ~ the Creator Gods, DNA, human form, ALL reveal the uniqueness of creation. From the finger prints to the eyes, to the DNA.

Beyond that, which is mainly visible to most is the UNIQUE Frequency that one vibrates to and AS.

Each animal is a unique soul. We know all dogs are not the same, and why would we want them the same? We would not,  they are all unique Souls. Beings that also exist beyond the 3D world.

In this the Age of Aquarius, it is about uniqueness, invention, authenticity, wholeness and being consciously merged with the eternal divine Being. to consciously also become aware of being a master of form.

A master of form, means mastery of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, through HARMONY.

Being a master of form is a state of being that already exists for YOU, now.

Because it is a frequency and already exists, you are aligning with it in this MOMENT.

What is taking place, is the removal of all that is not that, the removal of all beliefs, attachments, and resistance to what IS.

Beyond that karma of fear you are harbouring subconsciously is the contract that you agreed to be here and merge in Union with the you that is not fear based, time based or limitation based.

All beings on Earth that incarnate through the Earth program will all graduate and Ascend.

What matters is the focus on YOU and your evolution in the now moment, then all falls into place, effortlessly.

Memories that are energetically charged that have not been cleared in your subconscious, are up for transformation. This is what karma is. It is no mystery.

It is the baggage you carry with you, that is not the true you.

For now, let us focus on the TRUE unique Being that already exists as a master of form. As this is WHERE it is AT.

Now, we are merging you more, and clearing away those fears, that harbour in the so-called darkness which we bring to the LIGHT.

Some have called us the Lords of Karma, we Are The Divine Council of Overseers and we are present now and always. As it is NOW. In love.



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Animals Ascending

Some people have asked me about Animal Souls. I communicate with animals at Soul Level on Earth and once crossed Over. This is the Frequency of Union; No Time and No Space.

They have Souls and Blueprints as well as Humans and all Beings; All are Source Frequency.

The animals that have gone Extinct have already ascended.

Animals also have 3 opportunities to cross over in their existence on Earth the same as Humans do. Rare cases there may be an extension beyond the 3 opportunities.

There is Life Plan agreed upon by each Soul before incarnation and this includes for other existences that are Not on Earth. All existences and Life Plans are encoded in the Original Blueprint.

Eternity is expanding into infinity.

If you would like to help your pet awaken the mirror use also works for them. If they can begin to see themselves in a Mirror and spend time there they will look deeper and deeper.

Do not take my word on this, BETTER yet try it for yourself with YOUR Pet and notice the difference. They will be more Zen like and communicate with you at deeper levels.

An example is have a safe mirror at floor level suitable that your Cat or Dog may sit near it comfortably and look into.

Love to all of YOU and I will write more on Animals and their Souls again.




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