Creating Sacred Space, part 3, rituals.

Hopefully by now you had added some colours and natural items in your surroundings. Some of you may have updated your altar or created your first one. Remember everything is frequency and your surrounding vibrate as well.

The rituals I suggest here are not some sort of magical incantations. The “sacredness” that you long for is within you. So I will suggest some daily rituals that will help you to tune into the very source of sacredness itself.

Waking UP

When you first wake in the morning, begin your day from your heart. “I am filled with frequencies of Love, and my day will be beautiful, my surroundings sacred, and the connection to my heart fulfilling” Please do not say the words quickly, try to slowly say and feel the words.

Going About Your Day

Begin each new task with your breath. Instead of multitasking, pause and take a breath between each new activity you pursue. “I am connected deeply with my breath in all I do”.


Feel the energy of water permeate your being. Feel deeply, breathe and be present with the water. “I am thankful for the blessings of this water, My heart and Soul are Sacred”


Feel each step as if it was your first step. Breathe deeply and feel the sun shine upon you. “I am filled with sunlight my Heart is so Blessed”

Going To Sleep

Take a few minutes to lay down before complete exhaustion. Lay there and feel your breath, focus deeply on your breath. “As I slip from one level of consciousness to another I am held in the arms of Angels”

All this may sound to simple or easy. If you focused on becoming more aware and present with these rituals your sense of yourself and your Heart will increase. If you forget that is ok. Intend to remember. And when starting something new it is always beneficial to write when you start and keep track of your experiences a long the way!

Please ask me any questions.

Love in the Oneness



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  1. On part two of “creating sacred space,” I had asked you (in the comments section) if you had already written part three of “creating sacred space.” Please disregard as I just found it here. Thank you so much for these helpful tips! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜

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