Creating Sacred Space, part 2, crystals.

Creating Sacred space can be a fun activity and even feel like a celebration. Why not make it special? and sacred to you. Almost like a ritual or incorporate ritual into the process.

Creating an altar is very Sacred, and one does not need to be religious to do so. The focus of intention is what this is all about, which includes you developing a closer relationship to your Soul. So choose the colours, and your focus! Is it healing? is it developing closer relationships? or new ones? You decide your focus. In a the third part to “Creating Sacred Space” I will include some rituals. For now begin with your altar, creating it Special for YOU.

So find a special place, could be your dresser, or a simple spot and begin to create your focus there. Add some colours that add to your intention, as I mentioned in part 1.

Now we will focus on crystals. I could write books and books just on crystals, and may begin to do that. So many of you are becoming interested in crystals. I remember my time in Atlantis and my temple which included working closely with crystals. They are powerful, so a word of caution, know what you are doing and never under-estimate the power and influence crystals may have on you and those arround you.

Quartz crystal is perhaps the most thought of crystal when I speak of crystals, however there are literally thousands of type of rocks and crystals that carry specific energy. How to use them is what this is about. The crystal to choose for your altar is important. I will explain briefly.

Quartz crystal, milky or clear increases energy. If however someone is overactive in some area that they are clearing, this is not the crystal of choice. As it will increase the energy surrounding the intention.

The colour of the crystal has an impact of the energy associated with it, but that is NOT the only influence to consider. Each crystal has a spirit connected with it, a blueprint. And each piece of the same Type of crystal is also very different. Just like I see every persons Original Blueprint is different so is each piece of crystals energy unique. Respect your crystal, even if you cannot feel its spirit, that is the beginning of opening yourself up to the energy that is already there in the crystal.

Programming your crystal I will write about on another post. For now if your choice of intention is to increase the energy surrounding your intention choose clear quartz crystal. Spend some time with your crystal washing it before placing on your altar.

If you are not sure, you can reply to this post and ask me a question. I will be reply on this page.

Some basic crystals and their main energy:

Quartz crystal: increase in whatever form of intention the crystal owner has, or in energy in general.

Smoky quartz: clearing, which includes the potential healing reaction from this crystal.

Citrine: Clearing, increase and joy.

Turquoise: higher heart, inner power.

Black tourmaline: protection, clearing.

Rose Quartz: softening of the heart, also releasing of heart issues..

So remember the above, if you are in a situation where you are experiencing increased thoughts or heartaches a certain type of crystal may increase those very same symptoms. So choose carefully. I will write more in-depth information on crystals soon.

Have fun! Celebrate your life with an altar, a focus of your intention! Choose the colours and crystals carefully!

Love and Miracles!


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  1. Thank you so much for this post on creating sacred space with crystals. It was incredibly helpful! Have you posted the third part to creating sacred space? If not, I look forward to it! I’d also like to learn more on the specific crystals that can be placed in water, the specific crystals that can be put out to receive sun/moon light etc… Grateful for this post! I Love You! 🙏🏻✨

  2. I just purchased my very first crystal and I want to wash it correctly. Dear Laura, what is the best way you recommend to do so?

  3. Hello Antje, I emailed you privately about this! Love and Miracles, Laura

  4. Hello Laura, It seems that I cannot reach my lightbody. You told me there is lots of light around me but I cannot feel it. Some days I feel well when I stroll with our dog through nature other days I am completely lost and do not know what to do with myself. I love silence to some degree but still need my tv or internet or have to do handcrafted art something to occupy my mind. I am unemployed for quit a while and feel I become more and more lazy. Emptyness is my constant companion and most of my life I was not able to get out of this hole. In love and light Antje

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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