Love or Fear

“Love or Fear”

So many talk of evil or dark forces. The ego personality thrives on this; a reason to hold on to fear, and a reason to feel separate. Fear from an eternal view simply does not exist. All is one. Love fuels this awareness, and Harmony exists with Love.

Fear strengthens and reinforces the view that there is something outside of oneself to protect, and deepens the power hold of the ego personality. Fear keeps consciousness locked in the response patterns of flight or fight; further deepening the consciousness of separation in the cells.

When we can see the patterns of consciousness playing and replaying our fear reactions from the observer standpoint, we can release fear’s stranglehold and literally undo our old programming. The system of Karma is being done away with. We no longer need to re-experience old patterns from this life or many lifetimes ago that were held in our DNA.

No one is a victim. One chooses consciously or unconsciously the patterns and the replays of past memories. Observe your thoughts and your patterns, and decide to either allow old ways to no longer run your life or continue as you are.

There is a world of freedom and there co-exists a world that is currently living in the old program. Choose which world you wish to exist in. One of Love and Oneness, or One of fear and separation.

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