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Feeling deeply~ our Meeting


Feeling deeply ~ our meeting,
no seeking, just Being one ~ together Now.

Moving towards each other ~like the stars of destiny,
and the winds of change, that always flow in perfect Unison.

We are eternal lovers, that have waited lifetimes,
for our Holy embrace~ bodies merged, beyond time and space.

The perfect dance of opposites, as we play in Love,
and in the moment, all things~ forever Change.

How can one fully express ~the pouring out,
of all of Ones Soul, masculine and feminine, joined together.

The Ocean, she holds millions of years of my tears,
that contain the ecstasy, held in all the moments,
I have shared with you.

Each night, I immerse myself in the ancient water of remembering,
a sacred ritual, that is ours ~ and has always been.

The yearning of our Dream ~ is held in our Heart,
and knows its completion, in each others arms.

I live each moment and celebrate each moment,
ebbing and flowing, in and out of time, forever my Soul,
in Union with you, my Beloved.

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I am Forever Yours, My Beloved

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