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Echo of my Heart ~ My God of Love and Pleasure


Do you feel the echo of my heart, my Forever Lover.

Can hear it in the rain drops that brush gently against the window sill.

Where sparkles of light shine, that whisper of the love ~ Deep within your eyes.

The beating of your heart, warms the heavens, as well as the womb deep within the earth, that rests inside me, as the endless longing I feel for you.

The Rich smells of our deep union, pulsate in all life, and dance in my Goddess dreams, deeply entranced in the spell of magic, anointed as the sacred Elixir of You.

Filled with Holy longing, the chalice of the ancients now fills to overflowing…Β the aroma of ecstasy, as rituals of the Moon embrace the air with the sacred taste of my Love on your Lips.

Feeling your heart against mine, tears flood my being, just as the rain floods the rivers, that flow with passion, unbridled, our love, never to be tamed.

The fruit of the seed so sacred, held in the Holy of holies within me, there you Live my God ~ of eternal love and pleasure.

Our bodies and hearts entwined, like branches gone wild ~ upon the vine.



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