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Ascension is Not What You THINK It Is

L'AuraInannaWhat you are thinking about?

It is in the letting go of thoughts that you will hear the quiet whispers of the heart, which is the eternal portal to the only true you.

Going from the head to the heart and the harmonious frequency that it creates; resonates and activates the alignment already existing in the blueprint and DNA, with the Ascended Being ~ Cosmic God Self.

So many are getting caught up in the old ways of being by allowing thoughts and worries to be their way of being. This disharmony and the dwelling in its state, is a separated state of consciousness awareness, that exists for you to recognize what it is and to then choose, the heart.

Choosing harmony and union and being elevated in that state, takes the observance and the awareness in the first place, to recognize the different states of being.

So again, what are you thinking about?

Putting aside all thoughts that go on and on about worry of a future and a past, and recognizing those thoughts while they are occurring is the the first step in conscious, awareness, development.

The opposite of this exists as gratefulness and humbleness. In this state no thoughts of deserving this or that, exist. All demands are gone in this state. Which leads to greater awareness of the heart.

To live in the heart one truly KNOWS and experiences all is here now, that there is no separation. That being that knows and lives like this has mastered form.

Mastery of form is the process of this EARTH ~ school and program.

Everyone will graduate in what you call  Ascension.

There are many levels to be graduated, through this. They are like portals, when you complete one level, then on to the next.

OF course all of this already exists. IN the resonating through the harmony of the heart you are instantly there.

What are you thinking about?

When you let all those thoughts go, there is only the heart awareness. There is nothing else to get caught up in.

Your ascension is on the table whether you are aware of this or not.

We activate your observing awareness to pay attention to what it is you are choosing moment to moment.

Developing your focused awareness through the heart is your ascension.

We activate you into this.

We were present before Earth time and we are present now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, always present in all that was created in this universe and others. It is all present now, for those in their hearts.

In this love and glory, we activate you now.







Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Guiding gently, your subconscious mind, through inputting your intentions, to the new associations (5th Dimensional Consciousness) you give to all things in your life, replaces endless clearing. Endless struggle. As the new desired reality (the new data) and all data and associations, work subtly through the subconscious mind, powerfully effecting your reality. Even if that reality, you struggle with to change, as the conscious level. This is the end of that struggle.

These words speak deeply to your subconscious mind.

They ignite the light codes within your Blueprint and subconscious mind, replacing old beliefs, with the new uploads of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, that is, the new truths that gift you, the freedom from the struggle in 3D consciousness, opening the way, to Live as an Ascended Being.

Although to the conscious mind this may sound far-fetched, and even more so create resistance to the subconscious mind, the level that this occurs, is simply done. You may ask how could something you have struggled to do, to create, to get access to, be done simply. The not knowing how to upload and change your storage of directives, has been the struggle, and may have felt at times, as if banging your head against the wall, so to speak.

This happens without struggle. That is how it happens.

Relax, receive, feel how this feels.

The New directives uploading to your subconscious mind, are an activation and transmission of Light, recoding your subconscious mind, now. The changes just show up, in your reality.

Isn’t that amazing!

You no longer struggle, you no longer try to change anything. You no longer wonder why things are not changing for you. Instead, you wake up each day, and feel lighter, happier, and life seems to just sort itself out better. The pain lessens, the vibrations increase. The Light shines brighter, just because. And your world, takes on a whole new meaning for you. One of Divine Surprises. One of Amazing Miracles. One of Dazzling Adventures. One of endless delight.

What, why and How you may wonder. Well, this happens, beyond the why and  the what of it all. As this is All Light Codes, from the Source of these codes. Being downloaded to you NOW.

The mind might even feel a little fuzzy. Or you may even walk around a little dazed. That is ok, that is the downloading of these new Light Codes.

Some kind of futuristic technology? This is, 5th Dimensional Technology of Love, of Miracles, of its time now, for you to Be the Glory of You ~ that kind of technology. (Wouldn’t you say it is about time)

It is all Light and Frequency.

The Sun doesn’t struggle to shine its Light.

In the 5th Dimension, there is not struggle, there simply is the New Way, and this new way, is that of ease. Is that of ~ Now its time for this, Time. As simple as waking up each morning. You wake up and it seems as if it is a new day.

Now, with these downloads, you wake up, and feel the change. You wake up and see the change. You wake up, and suddenly you are free from the questions, that once plagued you.

You are free.

Your mind is calm, even though you do not know why.

You just feel different, and life, as you know it, is  the Grandness of Love. With the Greatness of the Eternal You. Filled with the Magic of Eternity.

The world seems brighter, the excitement and hope feels greater, as you feel your Heart Beat ~ beating louder. Your belly rising, as if, on a roller coaster. It Just changes, just like that. Tune into your belly now. Feel it rising. Tune into your Heart, feel it almost racing. Tune into the Light within you and surrounding your body, see how it shines Brighter. Tune into your Breath, and feel how it feels like Heaven, breathing, and being alive. Feel your vibrations, tingling throughout your body. Feel how this feels.

The New You, this moment. Vibrating at a Higher Frequency of Light. Your subconscious receiving all the downloads. Feel the shift, feel the change. Feel your Heart.  The New You, now this Moment. The You Ascended, as you have always Been. The You that shines as a Glorious Sun. The You that is Heaven Sent, that is the Glory of All That is.

And here we are Now. All Frequencies sent to you, beyond space and time, downloaded into your Blueprint and now into your Subconscious mind. 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The Eternal Light and Glory of All That is, and So It is, Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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