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New Moon September 28th, 2019 ~ Love, Portals and Grace

L'AuraInannaWith the energies of the Equinox continuing to expand your awareness, we have also the profound New Moon and new beginning on Saturday September 28th at 3:26 pm ADT (Earth so called time) in Libra.

This is an exciting new burst of frequencies impacting the integration of the equinox activations as well.

This is a frequency and a portal, through your heart.

These portals and expansions open when you are ready for your next level or levels of being CONSCIOUSLY aware.

Love is in the air, which it always IS.

Love is on the table  ~ Divine love, self love, grace and romance are all newly activated and reactivated for those in relationships. This includes the relationship with your own consciousness. With the eternal you. With eternal love. With twin flames.

All of this takes place as you access the NOW moment free from attachment and resistance through your heart. That is, the releasing of karmic memories from past lives, in your subconscious mind.

Fortune is in the air. That is, at the higher levels of abundance on all levels of BEING. Inner abundance of beatific emotions, thoughts, in relationship to everything in the physical world. This is true abundance.

With Venus sextile Jupiter ~ we have auspicious frequencies activating love, friendship and romance, including TRUE love being blessed. Twin flames, finding each other when ready.

The New Moon quincunx Uranus ~ this energy frequency will help you make the changes within, opening your heart more to the eternal. To enlightenment, to your full embodiment of the eternal Divine you and to your ascension.

The fixed star Zaniah activates the success, pleasure and relationships being blessed. For those ready and in harmony with this fixed star.

This brand new auspicious beginning is perfect to ignite within you, aspects of newness. This new beginning lasts until the next New Moon on October 28th, 2019.

Activating you NOW.

The frequencies are always present for full expansion now.

The transcendence of any perceived limitation is the transformation you desire.

That is, the magical state of being that is the eternal through you.

In love, always, with The Divine Council of Overseers.




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Libra New Moon October 12th, 2015~ Sudden Changes

L'Aura October4th

The New Moon at 19 degrees Libra is on October 12th, 2015 at 9:05pm ADT, This New Moon Opposes Uranus in Aries 18 degrees.  Enter Boldly, enter the Present Moment.

Are you READY for a powerful NEW MOON with GREATER sudden impact than the powerful Blood Moon? This is the first New Moon after the POWERFUL Eclipse/Blood Moon.  A New Moon is a NEW beginning, and this ONE is POWERFUL. With the Sun in opposition with Uranus, the unexpected, may shake UP your World. Will you be Liberated from your suffering or liberated from your Freedom?  Either way what is in store for YOU, is always part of your Soul Plan, and when accepted as what is, you can relax into (as much as possible) accepting, what takes place is ALWAYS what is needed. You are, after all, being guided to your complete Liberation and Transformation.

You are the Path and on it, being led moment to moment to your Destiny. Even if you do not see this yet. NO matter what shows up or doesn’t show up, No matter what changes suddenly, be at peace with it, with life, with yourself, with the world, and with the Universe. How else can the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, be seen for what it is. When the blinders are off so to speak (through being in the present Moment) we CAN see that all that is transpiring is FOR our Benefit, even if the 3D mind, attempts to resist this truth. In the present moment, we enter the GRACE of Acceptance and Unconditional Love. First for ourselves, clearing up all those hidden subconscious drives based on fears, releasing us, from a dimension and world, that has completed itself, in our consciousness. 

This acceptance includes are relationships, with everything, first and foremost ourselves.  Accept and Love, this does not mean put up with abuse, as many co-dependents (not ready to let of their suffering) may strongly feel this New Moon and lash out. Sudden endings in relationships may result. As well as sudden New relationships beginning.  Either way, hold on to your awareness with the knowing that your Soul is guiding you to your Destiny. And what shows up, as in what is in store for you, so to speak, unfolds for your GREATER benefit and for your Liberation, when you are ready to receive it.

And all those hidden aspects, and fears, and thoughts, let them be brought out into the Light to be LOVED. Keeping them hidden, only adds to the power of the FEAR that is the fuel that keeps them active within your subconscious mind. Yes this may be uncomfortable, for you are entering boldly new Territory within your Consciousness, and letting go of an old Paradigm, that will soon lose its validity, in Upholding your Liberation in the Now moment.

A Transformation, a Liberation, and an entering into Greater Heights of Unconditional Love, which dissolves, all that is NOT unconditional Love, and catapults you into the Transcendence of ALL that was FEAR and SUFFERING, and of all that was NOT in the PRESENT Moment, and LIFTS you up, as if on Wings, entering into the Eternal Glory and Destiny, of your Soul.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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