The Solstice, December 21st, 2022 ~ Divine Light Within

Today, Wednesday December 21st, 2022 at 5:47pm AST we have the Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere we have the winter Solstice. Those in the summer hemisphere have the summer Solstice.

For those whose day is the now winter Solstice ~ The Return to Greater Light and celebrating this light, is the focus.

The day of the winter Solstice we have the shortest day of light, which then gets birthed into greater Light each day.

Death and rebirth, symbolic or literal of the body, is always a rising to a higher level of being and consciousness. In the higher realms this process and the rebirth is a celebration. Reincarnating as a new beginning. Or, being transformed.

The Sun as we know it is symbolic of everlasting Light.

There are hundreds of million of Suns in the Milky Way galaxy alone, we call them stars. What we call our Sun is a Star. This is all symbolic of a higher Sun; the Sun behind the Sun. The Star behind the Star.

The Sun, the Stars, givers of life; from which all things are made of. Today and always we celebrate this Light.

Deep within you is this connection to this greater Light; that which you are made of.

Within you feel this Light; from the darkness let yourself be reborn.

Literally feel this, SEE the Light anew. Feel yourself being new. Recognize each day as new. All the way to living each breath and moment are new. All of these are opportunities, to become new. To understand fully, death and rebirth within.

So the Blessings for you this Solstice, is to let go of all within you, you desire to let go of. Fears, old habits, addictions, let them go. Enter now and feel within your heart the beautiful seed of Light that desires to expand and grow. As if a candle burning warm, is within you in all moments.

You are made of this Divine Light. You are the sacred Light. Connect more than ever, with this inner light of you, now and always.

Blessing you during your personal transformation to this Greater Light. In true love, the Light within always warms.

In love, blessing you always, with The Divine Council of Overseers, from another Universe, yet here now. In love.

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