A Full Moon to Remember, December 7th/8th, 2022

This powerful Full Moon its on December 8th, at 12:08 am AST in Gemini, with Mars being a major player.

Sun opposite Moon, always revealing a discrepancy of what is with what is hidden in the subconscious. That is why; often, the emotions may become involved. This time around, Mars will impact the subconscious. The impact, of which, will last 2 weeks approximately till the New Moon on December 23rd; just after the Solstice.

Mars being retrograde, conjunct the Full Moon, along with a rare lunar occultation of Mars, makes this a rare, unique, intense subconsciously directed Full Moon. The Moon in this rare celestial event will completely cover Mars for one hour approximately.

So although extremely intense with increased power of discrepancy, this also is a rare opportunity, to face those inner demons. The anger, the violence, the jealousy, the rage by accepting and changing inner patterns.

With Mars retrograde we have a potential for repeat patterns being revealed. Fated events that force the hand of change to intervene.

This also may act as a RESET for you. As the opportunity is great, rare and unique.

Sun quincunx Uranus brings electrical intensity, irritation, disruptions, so relaxing as much as possible; even as one is busy with the Christmas Season, would hold major benefits to one’s mental health.

A deeper than usual inner subconscious impact, lends a hand to this unique opportunity, Full Moon and rare celestial event.

Already feeling this? Most likely, the edginess of it all begins.

Do not miss out in the hidden opportunity in this. As your inner Mars, is reset.

Holding you all in eternal love, with The Divine Council of Overseers, from another Universe, yet here.

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