New Moon/Solar Eclipse, December 4th, 2021 ~ ALCHEMY

This powerful New Moon in Sagittarius and final Total Solar Eclipse of this year is very powerful. The New Moon is on Saturday December 4th, at 3:43 am AST. This also continues the monumental depth of between the previous Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon (November 19th, 2021) to this Solar Eclipse.

In alchemy one substance is transformed to another. This inner alchemy I am referring to is the subconscious fear and worry, transformed into the GOLD of trust and living through your heart space in the NOW moment. I have included the ONLY NOW Meditation/Activation for you to listen to also. This will also transform your fears into TRANSCENDING the fears held as cellular memory into LIVING THROUGH YOUR HEART.

The aspects during this New Moon and Solar eclipse and your interaction with this as frequency (based on your personal blueprint and frequency) will either bring up issues for you to recognize fear, and or show you how you ARE living through the fearlessness of your Heart, in the moment.

Someone may feel they are doing great, yet often, unless a major challenge shows up, the hidden subconscious fears, lay dormant. No reason to be surprised at the levels of fears that do show up through your thinking. USED as the Alchemy within, may be the very ENERGY that catapults one into higher awareness.

Awareness is the key through which you function through. Albeit; unwelcome fear or heavenly fearlessness, through the heart. Either way the substance is pure gold either way. Whether it is to be transformed, or living as an Ascended Being, Cosmic God Self.

The Solar Eclipse will intensify this New Moon, as well as complete the depth of pressure held within the subconscious TO TRANSFORM.


The New Moon conjunct Mercury, the New Moon quincunx Uranus and the New Moon sextile Saturn, potentially enhance communication, (whether fear based or not) may increase tension and swift changes (either fear based or not) and give the well desired impetus, to CREATE those lasting changes. Either within or fear based and time based external changes.

The highest and greatest changes that are always lasting are the ONES we make within. They naturally create the external changes. Years of appeared struggling to make changes, may instantly transform once the inner changes are made.

When I say inner I am referring to your very OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. Whether that is fear based or not, this is THE WHAT you are transforming.

Once the awareness and transformation of the fear based memory is complete, and one naturally goes to the heart even THROUGH FEAR, AS being AWARE, of what is taking place. Then the MONUMENTAL transcendence to the UNITY you desire as BEING THE COSMIC GOD SELF. BEING Ascended automatically takes place.

This already set in your Blueprint and DNA. As was created before time and form on Earth.

In this, with The Queen of Light and The Divine Council of Overseers, activate you through this ~ your alchemy, your ascension, YOUR NOW. In love.

Thank YOU to all that have donated!Any donations are GREATLY appreciated, THANK YOU AND I BLESS YOU!

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