We hear about ZOMBIES and the apocalypse. The dead or half dead. The dead rising. The end. of the world as we know it.

Then we hear about the ASCENSION where ONE enters into knowing and being their embodied Light form GOD SELF in which through their heart experience a REBIRTH into a higher dimension of awareness and BEING.

The word zombie used loosely here, I am shown people on Earth that are like dead. They are breathing and their SOUL presence is animating their form. Although it may appear they have no SOUL, they do. Existence for some and their role here is like a purgatory of sorts state of consciousness. A holding space yet functioning through a form. This is not new, the increase of it may feel like it is new to Earth.

Any rising of the dead will be a very good thing and in order to rise their forms will be like new. Not in the same state as physical death.

An Apocalypse state is already occurring in that destruction at an awesome scale is taking place. THIS IS THE dissolving of the ego state of consciousness being dismantled and falling apart at the MASS LEVEL and its destruction is the UPHEAVAL we see daily everywhere. All the crimes, all the natural disasters, the corruption, the diseases and more. ONCE you see it externally it is already the RESULT of the energy. The cause is the state of consciousness and frequency impact that creates a RESULT.

This apocalypse of sorts is occurring in every town everywhere, through every thought. This is not new either. It has been a process leading up to this since the very first civilization on Mu over 500 hundred million Earth calendar years ago.

Every thought adds up to this DEATH AND REBIRTH process that the sense of an apocalypse is taking ALL THROUGH ~ through YOU. This is all leading to the rebirth through the heart to the ASCENSION AND NEW EARTH, which is already prepared and exists through your heart. Through being the DIVINE Being now. Being the DIVINE GOD SELF.

Through being the eternal YOU. Stepping out of the belief of time.

Stepping into the awareness of your heart in all moments.

This is available NOW.

It is not something that you are being kept separate from.

All the GLORIOUS ones transformed through the eternal heart of love will be the new leaders on Earth. The old will pass away. ONLY newness with each breath will be present.

The SUN will shine brighter, Harmony will be the state. LOVE will encompass all, true eternal love.

Age will be done with.

All will be restored. This exists now.

In this with The holy Queen of Light and The Divine Council of Overseers we activate you into this. And bless the zombie state and all states, as It is all part of ALL THAT IS NOW, In Divine Eternal love!

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  1. Mercedes Belalcazar Mejia

    514 / 5000
    Resultados de traducción
    Yesterday I was praying or reciting the violet flame, which by the way, as it is long, it took me at least 1 hour and a half, to recite every day, I have some recordings that help me with this so I was very attentive listening and suddenly something unusual happened , and I perceived that they also told me about the mantra, so I am also saying, singing or praying that mantra, I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity that God desires.
    What do I do when I am in meditation and I feel that deep ecstasy within me.
    I Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love, gratitudes and bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Beautiful Activation! Thank you so much, beloved Queen of Light the and beloved Divine Council of Overseers! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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