New Moon September 6/7th, 2021 ~ INITIATIONS

Thank you all for the beautiful Birthday wishes! This New Moon is in the traditional Astrology is in the sign of Virgo, yet in the sky it is actually in the Constellation of Leo. The Sun signs are off almost an entire sign as the traditional Western astrology is based on the Constellations as they were in the sky from over 2000 year ago Earth time.

This New Moon is Sun conjunct Moon and represents am ending and a New Beginning, a NEW cycle for you. A new start. Everything is a cycle, even each day, sunrise and sunset. Light and then darkness. Rebirth everything morning. rebirth with each breath, each moment.

The New Moon is at 9:51 pm ADT on September 6th. For some of you this New Moon will be on September 7th. Check your time zones.

The main aspect and influence other than Sun conjunct the Moon is the New Moon trine Uranus. This frequency combination; which is also based on your own inner frequency interaction with it, enhances deeply spiritual awareness and a greater sense of spiritual knowing within. Of course this is all going to be based on your frequency response as it is. Through the heart great INITIATIONS may flow especially as one ATTUNES themselves with the eternal frequencies of the Higher Self through the heart.

Greater self awareness is the flow and as you flow in the harmonious eternal NOW, you access all that is possible for you based on your original Blueprint and life plan.

Through your heart we activate and initiate all now, that through this passing through of Earth frequency and interaction, you may come to fully know in the now, the ETERNAL you. The one that flows through all connected incarnations now. So that you as the eternal you becomes fully the EMBODIMENT OF THE DIVINE. This is your ASCENSION, this is the eternal YOU on Earth in Form.

In forever love, all now we bless you.

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  1. Here is an important recent post of mine, that recounts an intense experience this past week, but which caused tremendous breakthroughs and insights.

    The new human is coming alive! I have been following these channels again recently from a break of a few years, and have been in awe at the tangibility of all the changes that are taking place.

    Transmutations en masse.

    I share my post so that perhaps there might be for those living these changes on a level where they have a hard time bridging it to their real day to day life a means to connect deeper, by seeing an example of these energies playing out in my own experience.

    Here is the post of my recent experience:

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