Deep In Parallel Worlds I am shown the constant connection and alignment throughout all of the dimensions, to the here and now, throughout all worlds, throughout the Universe.

This constant connection and alignment is constantly changing and shifting.

Just like the stars are not the same in the sky as they were 2000 years ago, so too, the new model of Ascension has also shifted along with everything else.

Consciousness is constantly advancing its perception of itself.

The Divine Being, The Divine God Self in the higher dimensions of awareness (in constant connection)as your Higher Self, is also constantly advancing its perception of itself.

The desire for this is the power and desire of the Higher Self itself, overshadowing all experiences, in all moments and AGAIN in constant connection and alignment with all worlds, all dimensions throughout this Universe.

The alignment of DIVINE power of this unity that already exists in the here and now, throughout all dimensions and parallel worlds, is the expansion of the heart.

Entering into the majestic temple of the heart and the eternal God Self, we see and know that we exist in powerful union. In this arriving there also is constant shifting. The perception of this and the holy anointing of this mystical union, is the desire of the Higher Self itself.

Words cannot express the Glory that radiates the power of eternity throughout the Universe, as the Divine Ascended God Self, as You.

In this holy expansion, as the tides ebb and flow, we unite the Sacred space of the Heart with all that we ARE and breathe into the greater perception of NOW.

We stay in this holy of holies as now a constant way of being.

The VERY presence of this signals to all aspects throughout this Universe and Beyond, that the grace of love and Glory, is present in mystical union and now here on EARTH.

Throughout this Universe we bless you and expand the frequencies of your Heart to be felt and known throughout all your consciousness as the one and only constant shifting Divine perception and awareness, in this now, eternal holy love.

In this you know yourself as The ETERNAL ASCENDED DIVINE BEING. All Now.

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