The last time I wrote it was before the powerful New Moon and Elsa was on its way to Nova Scotia. The storm Elsa knocked down trees and power outages occurred. The New Moon energies continue to activate, that which is to be activated within you uniquely. I have a lot more to share with you on the stars and how they impact you since the moment of your entering the hologram of earth through having a body, commonly known as birth.

When I walk, each step, I see and know that it is not THE Eternal ME WALKING. Sometimes it is as if I am floating as even an idea of effort in steps does not exist. I see the moments yet know those steps are actually not me. It is very surreal and I am shown constantly, how Earth is not the solid external experience that most memory believes in as real.

It is not the eternal real as it is not the eternal me.

I say memory because one is taught to believe in what one thinks is real and is not. Yet this is not the case for the true eternal reality. Eternal reality is a moment to moment flow. The focus of this eternal self is free to focus as it flows.

Each step, yes I am aware legs and feet are taking action that looks and appears as walking. Yet I am above the body and know I am allowing this experience of having a body, to then function on Earth. I the eternal self are in fact animating the Earth experience. Without the eternal me, it would not exist. Nothing would on Earth exist, as viewed from what is allowing this to take place.

I (Higher Self) created the opportunity to observe and allow the body to walk, literally into a completely different parallel world. One in which the body was not accustomed to walking in or remembered. All through what would appear to be physical, yet the true experience is the eternal me allowing and creating this appearance of physical, in all moments. That is the hologram.

The eternal me, allowing all experience has no limitations whatsoever, because the eternal me does not know of any.

I can be watching the body and also go into Atlantis in front of me. Or enter a different galaxy and be present with stars.

So too, your eternal self knows not of limitation or boundaries that are physical. The physical world is not what you think and your eternal self knows this also.

Your access frequency has always been harmony through your Heart.

When you shift from being the physical to being your eternal God Self, you master form, one step, literally in every moment.

This is how we shift completely into being present in the New Earth Experience, where all know not of limitation of what once appeared as physical limitations.

This is being set free from the idea and belief of being stuck in a body, and more importantly from being the body itself.

Here we live in the moment to moment ETERNAL Higher Self awareness, that we are that. We are eternity itself, the stars, the magic, all that we have desired.

In this fulfilled state of Being the ETERNAL ONE, we see the current Earth for what it is. Our creation. And recognize we can shift any idea that it has to appear how we once identified it with being the body and shift completely over to CREATING The New Earth. Being the ASCENDED Ones.

Entering being, that which dreams are made of ~ YET, we are the creator of the dream.

That which is beyond what we can see and know is just that, the appearance of a barrier to worlds upon worlds of LIMITLESS CREATION.

STEP into this more moment to moment and through these words we have already activated you into this. We speak directly to your eternal self, who knows and recognizes us.

As we ARE eternity itself.

In this LOVE WE celebrate the shift to this freedom for all who are ready. WE activate you more NOW, and now forever more.

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