New Moon in Cancer, July 9th, 2021 ~ INNER SANCTUARY

It is Cancer season starting with the New Moon in Cancer on Friday July 9th, at 10:16pm ADT, for some of you this will take place on the 10th.

This is Sun conjunct Moon and a New beginning with the focus on home and your inner sanctuary which is your eternal home.

Spending time (so called time) with your inner self and home beautifying things within will feel beneficial and therepuetic.

There are also are some aspects which influence this New Moon and therefore the next month, till the next New Moon in August.

People with their Ascendent in Cancer will feel very at home during this Cancer season. The Moon rules cancer and this energy is very fluctuating and intuitive, like the energies of the Moon. Of course the clarity of all of this takes place at the pure level when the filters are not through the emotional body, instead through the purity of the heart. The eternal home, the eternal self, the HEART.

A beneficial aspect of frequency is the New Moon is sextile Uranus. Potential surprises, exciting changes and huge potentials exist. Your BLUEPRINT interacts in this hologram based on your own frequency.

So where your Cancer is in your blueprint, your Moon and your Uranus in CONNECTION to the New Moon frequencies is what will be impacted or NOT for you. This gets very specific down to many minute details and frequencies.

Venus conjunct Mars, Venus opposite Saturn, Venus square Uranus and Saturn square Uranus all have a very strong impact in the New Moon frequencies and chart. Potential strong passion, appropriate or not. Feelings of loneliness taking over or mastery of feelings. Unexpected changes can lead to uncomfortable situations, or not. Potential challenge for the desired changes also, may be experienced, felt or overcome.

Meanwhile The Cancer Sun and Moon want comfort, home and nurturing.

These may be general things you start to notice in the world or may impact you more personally. Again, it is specific to your OWN UNIQUE BLUEPRINT and the interaction with the stars in that exact moment.

All we can KNOW for sure is that everything unfolds perfectly even if you have not yet m mastered your inner world. You cannot actually KNOW this till experienced. So in trust and faith in your eternal self, you will come to KNOW this in this lifetime or not. Even that is perfect also.

For those on the true path to transformation, this inner home sanctuary will be your focus. The heart becomes more HOME in your awareness with greater ease and this will become a constant flow and place of BEING as you continue to focus your awareness on your HEART.

No matter what get comfy in your inner space. The more you can look in the mirror and see the eternal you through your eyes the more you become aware also of this eternal home.

Your Heart, focus there even now. Feel your heartbeat without checking your pulse on your wrist.

Breathe in the love and beauty of the heart.

Get to know your inner eternal sanctuary more and more.

It isn’t out there, out there is only a reflection of your inner world.

Blessing you all in all of this now, with the Divine Council of Overseers, always present, always here, always, now, in love.

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