Walking into the room I step into Atlantis and meet myself there, NOW. Two forms, some variations, same Soul.

Meeting with The Divine Council of Overseers, I am one of them, yet here governing a form on Earth also. They are always present with me.

Seeing and shifting forms, dissolving tumours, what appears as physical is not. I see the video feed of the body and present with it, as a form and as light.

As I go for a walk outside, I see cars go by and houses and people. I can all of this light frequencies, radiating. I can also see them how they appear to most as solid forms.

This grid, the format of Earth and the Universe is a hologram of light frequencies. Light is communication of information and the impulses of frequencies radiate the nature of the communication.

Harmonious radio frequencies simultaneously transmit everywhere. Yet not all devices pick up the frequency.

Likewise; harmonious frequencies tapped into the harmonious frequency waves can access all of it. With many devices one can play many channels of frequencies.

A harmonious being can access as if being a satellite itself ~ into any time frame, place, situation, before or after something has occurred. Events and form appear as slowed down plasma when viewed from the complete hologram, creating exact frequency still points.

In this exists already your Ascended self.

I live through this feed of satellite imagery. INTO the universe. Into Earth and all of its creation. Into the hologram.

The hologram looking INTO the hologram.

THE MIRROR looking into the mirror.

The Divine looking into the Divine.

This feed covers all timeliness as the FEED exists in the hologram NOT in time.

It exists how it is. Pure information feed.

It becomes aware of itself as the mirror of itself through harmony.

TO be open to it all is what is referred to as the Heart. The harmony. The COHERENT wave.

In this feed of pure eternal light, in the frequency of the Divine Coherent heart of love, in harmony and in all things beautiful, we activate all in this and through this now. In the hologram, in NOW, in eternity. In love.

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  1. Profoundly grateful for this Activation! Will read many more times. πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈβœ¨

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