Last night appearing beside me suddenly was a different version/aspect of myself and other sacred Light Beings from other worlds and dimensions.

All of these beings and the other version of myself co-exist in other worlds now. I was shown through the other version of me, that this was a memory for her.

They showed me how we exist within an infinite super like computer, which is a hologram. And that this world of Earth is the tiniest fraction held in this infinite super computer.

They showed me many things and then slowly they started to dissolve. Particle by particle until they were gone. They then appeared again, to show me and tell me, that the appearance of them, is like watching a movie. That the fundamental particles appear to show up as the form. Which really is simulated. Meaning we can access the infinite simulations/versions of ourselves now.

There is no over there or distance. It all is here and coexists. This means with the right frequency we can have total access and we do, to all of the infinite worlds and existences.

Similar to a bleed through of adjacent radio frequencies, we can access all channels, all worlds, all dimensions, simultaneously. And we are in them all simultaneously. Similarly, if you had many tv’s you could watch many movies at all once. It is all present now and being transmitted throughout the hologram.

When we become aware of this being like a movie we can let go of matter focused reality and participate and see this for what it really is.

A harmonious frequency with concentrated magnetism, will reveal any and all aspects, simultaneously. I have experienced this and have become dimensionless, because I exist consciously throughout them all. The hologram is infinite.

There appear to be the villains, the antagonists, and the protagonists in every movie. Same with here. After all it is a movie.

The mind, the consciousness and the form of particles are all immersed within this living sea, the hologram.

The brain carries an imprint of memory. DNA, frequency and coherency levels act as the KEY to the bigger infinite system.

Just as conversations in a room can be pocked up and deciphered one later from the walls, so too, the brain holds the imprints of memory.

The vast access of all true memory is held in the infinite holographic field. This is why if someone is even brain dead, and come back to life, they can remember what took place. They accessed the greater vast perfect memory of the infinite hologram. THEY and their true mind, that exists outside of the body, were in full participation there, because they ARE, it is. ALL PRESENT.

Accessing this connection and seeing and summoning the bleed throughs of all worlds (like two or more adjacent radio stations) we enter the harmonious state through the heart and gain the unlimited access, as the KEY is always present. It is all here now.

Letting go of being matter obsessed and being time obsessed, we allow the heart to open and all keys be accessed in the here and now.

This is the first step.

To be in the movie, the game, the hologram, awake and aware. ACCESSING the infinite here. After all that is what is infinite. And it is endless.

Blessing you all now, as another Being shows himself, from another world, in the now, now. In love.

Always with The Divine Council of Overseers, Azoora, The Queen of Light and Sanut Kumara, Blessing YOU now!

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