Last night I WAS present with many ANCIENT beings from another UNIVERSE. These beings now exist inter dimensionally as DIVINE BEINGS OF light. They had many things to share all night long.

This is about ETERNAL LIFE and you.

On Earth we noticed that there is a monopoly of sorts on this eternal life we share with you now.

This monopoly only exists in the minds of those that have great attachment to form. As they appear they have no way out of the separation they have created through belief.

To be clear mind is not in the body. Neither is belief.

Mind exists everywhere that draws to it the like frequency.

This is not to say compatible is good or bad. Just like draws like.

One may draw to itself what the mind believes is a miracle. Yet it was simply the match of the frequency, that revealed itself in synchroniticites as if to say it is special. As if to reinforce what the mind believes is so.

That is really not so. As this is always going on as you are always vibrating through a frequency. That in its own nature, draws to itself the like ~ experience.

There is no shortage of any belief in mind that it will try to latch on too. This is so even throughout many UNIVERSES.

Back to eternal life and the supposed monopoly of thought that drew you even now to this.

The belief that you are the body, through mind attachment to the belief only makes it appear so. This is not the case. One does not have to choose that reality.

As in fact the illusion may feel as if it is better than the truth. As the hunt for the ever illusive answer is always out of reach. And the illusion of time keeps you in the grasping of it.

To know you are not the body is the freedom from the form. And the true release you are ever hunting for.

Eternal life always existed.

It did not belong to the Ancient Gods, as written on stone about the afterlife. It did not belong to certain sects, offering a way through the middle man.


YOU ARE as you read this existing eternally NOW.

Will you choose the thoughts of mind existing everywhere yet nowhere as the frequency of your release?

This frequency of release is your eternal resting space through a myriad of dimensions.

It is your true home and it is here now.

Let go of all else.

Why choose that which you do not want, yet keeps you in the game of the hunt. As if the easter eggs are hidden. And you must find them.

Nothing is hidden.

It is all known eternally.

This illusive ASCENSION you seek is in fact the releasing we are speaking of.

Unbind your thoughts. REALIZE what they are.

Realize what mind is and where it is in fact located, if at all.

Realize what your body is.

Realize and recognize the letting go space, that awakens your acknowledgement of what already is.

That eternal life is here and now.

In this everlasting love of eternity we activate you now in this awakening and releasing you so desire to know and BE.

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  1. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    A few days ago I did a meditation and it was very beautiful, I saw my ethereal body very high in space, I saw a blue being, like a photo you have, I also felt a great pain in my heart and then I was in the dark, then I came back and I felt that they told me that I was going to connect to the universal mind.
    I feel happy when I feel the intense light within me.
    If I feel that I change, that I tune in more and resonate more with everything, with the light and that I merge more with the creator.
    I have my life completely to God and throughout the day I do everything I can to do all the activities that must be done, such as meditating, decreeing, listening to your messages, trying to apply them, to do them, my intention is always to collaborate in everything to fulfill the divine plan. I follow my diet with fruits especially and sometimes I make a salad.
    ❤ ❤ I Love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Eternal Love, Bliss and Gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Grateful for this Sacred Activation! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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