Full Moon February 27th, 2021 ~ EMBODIED CHANGE

Saturday February 27th, 2021 at 4:17am AST is the Full Moon in Virgo, and we have a few aspects; that unique to your own frequency may help bring about a lot of change for you.

Making changes, forced change, sudden change, changes that have been put off; one way of the other, change will occur.

AT the spiritual level of YOU, the INNER changes are the most powerful that may induce a profound result and take you on a new path, a reset, a new WORLD.

Some of you. have already set the stage for a deeper more profound experience of the DIVINE YOU. You to You.

Some of you are building a foundation of trust in the DIVINE. Without seeing, through surrender, through being in your HEART IN THE. NOW.

The Sun opposite Moon (Full Moon) always highlights within consciousness, the home, the inner you, the subconscious. That which is in alignment with your higher Self, and that which is not.

The Moon frequencies also within your original Blueprint, impact with the Moon as it flows through your blueprint now.

Some of you have a harmonious Moon aspect in your blueprint, some of you have a not so harmonious relationship with the moon. The moon rules the night, and Mars and Venus are also closely impacted with the Moon, for the night sky energies.

Some are the opposite and you have a day time more favourable blueprint aspecting the Sun.

Every single being is unique here and in other worlds. AS an example, each fur species and each one single dog is COMPLETELY unique and has its own soul blueprint. So too, every human, every PLEAIDIAN, every Angel, Every being. Completely UNIQUE.

So you go through life and deal with what comes up for you. IF you are on the path of mastering form, you are observing closely every thought that passes through your awareness. If you are not, you may not even be aware of any thoughts you have unless repetitive.

Thoughts, feelings, the subconscious, the blueprint you are functioning through ALL IMPACT, a result. The result of you is from the cause.

Living backwards looking out there for things to change, results in loss of true love and power. AS those that do so, are not connecting with the cause of out there.

Connecting with your heart and being present now, is the only way through AWARE.

To live unaware, is to be part of the continuous stream of reincarnation, till you once again hook up in union, with all that you are. This may seem crazy to those not aware. YET there are levels for and in everything.

Self love, so often missed, is the only way to enter a truly loving relationship.

Saturn square Uranus, Full Moon quincunx Saturn, Full Moon trine Uranus; are frequencies that in themselves represent change to say the least. YET how you are impacted is relative to your level of awareness, your connection to the cause as you, your own unique Blueprint, and how present you are through your heart.

So no need to look out there.

Move deeper into you if you desire to know and be the purest you. Which is aware, which is Divine, which is love, which lives eternally.

Blessing you ALL now. Then in the now during the Full MOON through Divine power and Love, of eternity, present here now.

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