IF things have to make sense and be LOGICAL THEN IT IS NOT the Heart.

THINGS having to make sense to the MIND is the opposite of the HEART.

This is why ALL beliefs are let go of completely for those that TRULY live in their heart.

EVERY thought I have, every decision I make, MAKES NO SENSE logically. IF IT did, it would be mind, ego that requires things makes sense in a time based reality.

In the moment to moment flow I live through, every SINGLE moment is new. EVERY single thought makes no sense. EVERY choice makes no sense. THAT my friends is a very GOOD thing as it is the ONLY way to be and live as the DIVINE being through the HEART.

The mind that tries to think, tries to figure out, needs to know, OPPOSES the HEART way of being. IT has to know it makes sense, it is ego.

THE SURRENDER REQUIRED TO the heart in the moment to moment flow, is the ONLY all encompassing TRUE way of the DIVINE BEING.

The ascended being.

DO you still have to have things make sense LOGICALLY? IF so you are being governed by your ego, that has to know and you are not LIVING THROUGH YOUR HEART.

If you haven’t come to this space of only the heart, you are NOT living through your heart. IT REQUIRES all of you to surrender to the DIVINE SELF to allow it to flow through YOU.

Only to ego things happen to you. ONLY to the ego things need to be changed or fixed. TO THE HEART it is always always PERFECT!!

SO realize in the moment how you are functioning, old way, logic and ego? Mind saying oh has to be freedom of speech? Has to add up financially? Have to have that relationship? REALLY? only the mind says so.

What I speak of and activate you in are not for those without courage.

IT TAKES great courage to let go of the worlds facade of time and logic and SURRENDER to the heart and the DIIVNE.

IF YOU are choosing moment to moment based on how things have to turn out? If you want to be the DIVINE SELF and have any COURAGE ~ ENTER YOUR HEART and let go of ego and logic.

THE COURAGEOUS ONLY live through their heart!

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