October 16th, 2020 NEW MOON ~ Power Authority & The Election

Adding to the MERCURY Retrograde which ends November 3rd and impacts communications for a few days after the 3rd; taking us into the election. Is the NEW MOON aspected by several harsh potentially violent responses to authority. THIS NEW MOON IN LIBRA is on Friday October 16th, 2020 at 4:31pm ADT. And the energies will play out till the next New Moon in November, 2020.

We have MARS, PLUTO and SATURN with harsh aspects to this New Moon. For those in their hearts, these are the moments to LET GO OF ALL ELSE and stay present MOMENT to moment. This is the ONLY way to get through with EASE and harmony. MOMENT TO MOMENT. The old ways will not suffice.

With the New Moon square Saturn we have what will feel like tests and challenges, every which way we THINK. Yet when mastered staying present through the heart living in FLOW nothing can move us out of the peace that is beyond understanding.

With this New Moon opposite Mars, we have the potential for execrated violence and threats of violence on the world stage. Again to be at peace with no MATTER what takes place externally, is through the heart. Nothing else will do.

With the New Moon square Pluto we have a potential crisis and/or violence and resistance to authority.

All of this relates now to the world stage of protests and the violence that was going on that had not yet been addressed, all in the name of and disguised as freedom of speech.

Anything and ALL will be on the table.

So what to do?

MONITOR your own energy/frequency.

It is only love within oneself that will get you THROUGH* and in the flow as the DIVINE BEING.

Otherwise; you fall prey to the lower energies of ego, the external and living as if IT IS ALL OUT THERE. And it is NOT!

Within you is the seed held within your DNA to live fully through your heart. Many have not yet activated this beginning of Earth DNA programming as they hold so many fears and ideas of weaknesses, shame, hatred and separation.

LET GO of all else and be with YOU, within yourself. THAT is all that it comes down to. YOU FACE your SOUL, being true to the eternal FOREVER NOW. OR succumbing to the lower self in suffering and belief in separation. ONLY for the temporary purpose of avoiding facing the true YOU.

In this we bless you, ACTIVATE you as we were here before time, before Earth and during its creation. YOUR DNA holds this truth. FIRST let go of all else. And be present NOW as surely as WE ARE, present through love NOW!

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