WHEN Something Happens ~ DO NOT loose FOCUS

Or did you ever even have focus on your heart, on the present moment?

What is it? Do you even know? Or when anything comes up, you automatically wish for what your mind believes is right, or needs to take place to feel better?

Really are we still there?

True focus is exactly that, it doesn’t fade, it stays STRONG like a foundation that is ALL ENCOMPASSING in the present moment.

That is ONLY what opens all doorways to BEING the DIVINE.

Or did you forget about that also? Or was it a pretend try it out version of fashionable ascension. To look good?

DEEP inside is the reckoning that will take place as you enter and pass through what may feel like the dark night of the soul. As if a test, but it is not. It is finding out if you are ready IN THAT MOMENT.

So many are saying this will happen or that.

The BIGGER picture is BEING a divine being while in form. That is why you are here on Earth during this monumental frequency experience.

Adding to thoughts of will this or that happen and focusing on that, is the cause of all suffering.

Hoping this or that will happen is the cause of all suffering.

Being present NOW with each breath is the cause of being in TOTAL all encompassing UNION ~ being divine.

What are you choosing? Are you awake enough to notice each breath?

To become that rock solid foundation of love, of now, of the DIVINE.

It takes everything. Only those who have given it all that they are will know in those moments, the kingdom of heaven is here and now.

Like being born and crossing over, it is all you FACING YOU. Are you ready for that? The moments will come as surely as the breath does.

Just what will it be for you? You choose, moment to moment and it is all NOW.

In this present moment we are present and activate you in this, unspeakable glory that is present here now. In this we flow, all now, through this love, being the DIVINE in form, all NOW.

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  1. Thank you so much, beloved L’Aura and the beloved Divine Council of Overseers for this Sacred Activation! I love you! 🙏🏻🤍

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