Reality Exists As Levels of Self-Awareness

L'AuraInannaFirst wave, second wave….on and on and on. Words used are meaningless at the higher levels. As mortal language only points to an experience.

Let go of needing to get mental answers, they do not serve your PRESENCE that only desires to flow through YOU.

Time does NOT exist as SEPARATE PARTS of NOW.

YOUR personal Shift and ASCENSION Takes place through your AWARENESS of it ~ through your HEART.

You KNOW your REALITY has changed WHEN your awareness of your reality itself and response to the changes ALSO shift.

There is nothing outside of this AWARENESS that means anything. 

Mental patterns of seeking, end as you move more deeply into your heart.

Emotional attempts to master the external, end also, when you live through your heart.

The backwards attempt of grasping to force external change, never worked anyway.

Instead now, if anything matters concerning your ASCENSION it would be YOUR own personal awareness of YOUR INNER Reality. and the experience of it ~ thereof. 

SILENCE and feeling your own PRESENCE through your heart is WHERE no time exists as a state of being. This is the access point of AWARENESS, through which all multidimensional versions of SELF exist.

This ACCESS through your heart is the UNION of you on Earth as the DIVINE SELF as the flow of DIVINE love.

Ask yourself.  Are your old mental patterns still there?

Are you ignoring the emotional turmoil that flows through your awareness?

Do you pay attention to your thoughts? Do you know what they are?

Do you stop your thoughts and be present?

Are you aware of being driven to this and that and loosing focus of the present moment NOW?

Or are you existing as the perfect eternal DIVINE FLOW of YOU as a State of Being now?

Are you your DIVINE SELF now?

Let go of the when and where of things.  That is the limited self attempting to get a grasp on something it will never know anything OF.

Let go of the meaningless and see it for what it is.

Focus only on NOW through your HEART.

Be united as the ETERNAL flow of you.

That is all there is.

That is only what is NOW.

That is the desire of love uniting with itself.

It is a flow.

It is the door to everything.

It is the level of ALL NOW.

Blessing ALL now, through the eternal flow of this. the eternal LOVE.



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  1. Thank you so much L’Aura! 💗💗🙏🏻

  2. Thank you so much for these sacred words, L’Aura! I love you dearly!

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