You Ascend ONLY Through Living in Your Heart

LAuraDec28thONLY in the moment are in your heart.

ONLY in your HEART you are in the moment.

IF You Question How and when and want always a different outcome, instead of now then you are not in your HEART. Not living in the moment.

The heart is flow.

The heart is now.

The heart is the only true resting place.

The heart is the entrance to true love; to loving yourself.

The heart is eternal.

The heart is the only portal to ascension.

The heart is multidimensional.

The heart is UNION.

Recognize when you are in your heart and when you are not in your heart. By your thoughts.

In your heart the thoughts are quiet. You live in the flow of now.

Living through the old patterns you obsess about everything through the mental body. Which in turn impacts your emotional body. Which then eludes you from The HEART and NOW.

Catch your constant battles within your thoughts. Attempting to grasp and hold onto old patterns and the need to know.

Live only in the unknown.

This is your EVOLUTION AS YOU step out of concepts, beliefs and the limitation of a time based reality.

And end being run by your mind and enter your HEART truly and consciously forever.

IF you are questioning, turn your awareness to your heart and the moment if you are to enter your HEAVEN ON Earth.

Those that are not aware of the potential to live through their heart ~ may experience a true Armageddon ~ those beings evolved and living through their heart will experience their glory on Earth. This is what you term your Ascension the end of time. The end of living through a time based consciousness of a past and a future.

Choose THE HEART and the letting go of all the dictatorship of your current mental processes and give way to the simplicity of the HEART.

The HEART WAY OF BEING is the ONLY true portal to being multidimensional to BEING An Ascended Master.

Do not fool yourself and believe YOUR old patterning based on time and beliefs.


OF being ~ never KNOWING what and how things unfold. This is the true marksmanship of the GLORIFIED ONES.

IN this we activate YOU NOW ~ in love!



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  1. Thank you so very much L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers! Forever and always 🙏🏻 I love you! 💗💗💗

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