New Moon January 24th, 2020 ~ Your Consciousness is CAUSE

jan7th2020THIS Friday the 24th of January 2020 we HAVE a wild and intense new moon that will be sure to impact all one way or the OTHER. This NEW MOON is at 5:42 pm AST.

Unexpected surprises and wild mood swings may set the mood for many on Earth. Insecurities, hidden fears may become intense emotional battles within, manifesting without.

REMEMBERING always YOU are the cause of what you see in the world; more specifically HOW YOU PERCEIVE IT, may make the difference of Heaven on Earth or literal hell on Earth.

CRISIS may take place as a form of suddenly facing your fear, for the greater purpose of course ~ to release the emotional baggage and detrimental beliefs, in a time based reality, that only knows suffering.

The good news is, anyone ready that has loved those fears away into available energy will magically perceive, all that is great and transforming, for them and through them!

This is a powerful 28 day new cycle, heading into this NEW DECADE ~ to catapult you to greater and greater AWARENESS of Being ~ CAUSE! With this comes RESPONSE ~ ABILITY ~ to be the ONE you came here of course~ to BE!

This New Moon in Aquarius is square Uranus which may bring sudden adjustments to your consciousness and agitation and sudden mood swings with many on Earth.

Venus square MARS may bring anger, tension and explosive scenarios if the awareness of these states is not handed over to the kid gloves of love.

Mercury sextile Mars helps those that are ready to adjust to the sudden changes which one may find themselves GOING THROUGH.

Venus sextile Jupiter brings charm, love and for some the perfect moments of true love, for those that are TRULY ready (not word ready) to receive.

As you know we can say we are ready till we are blue in the face, this means NOTHING in the light of being ready. Β When you are ready it appears, you wont be sitting somewhere and saying you are ready when you are actually ready it APPEARS. THIS is an inner thing; again, you are the CAUSE.

So for now, fasten your seatbelts, enjoy the ride, be aware and awake like never before and maybe, just maybe, you will find you have been blessed, like never before and beyond your current imagination.

In love, we ACTIVATE YOU!






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  1. mercedesbelalcazar

    Resting and meditating I had the vision of 111, then I perceived the Arc. Miguel with his armor and sword; Then I saw a code of light on me, it was like a musical sign but it was alive, it shone with golden light.
    On Thursday night already lying down and meditating I felt the strong connection with the universe and its flow, its energy, I thank you for feeling this connection, I had many visions, now I understand you more
    One thing that has made it difficult for me to do things right is that I am thinking that with laryngitis or bronchitis, today I will see what I do to relieve these symptoms
    In one of your last transmissions I had the vision of an angel girl, very beautiful
    Thank you so much beloved Queen of Light. ❀ ❀ I Love you ❀ ❀ Eternal Love and Bliss ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. Thank you so much L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers! So grateful to receive, always πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’™πŸŒŸ

  3. Thank you so much, dearest L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers! I love you! ❀️

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