An Apparition ~ Eternal Life

L'AuraThere is no death even now.

This is why I am sharing this with you.

There are transitions of form and of frequency.

Each aspect that exists continues on.

You do not have to be evolved to continue on, you always will.

Mastering form we go through the transition of the body, taking it with us. For the body to no longer experience itself as solid (which it is not) and or dying ~ to take it with us.

My first major experience of what is termed a medium on Earth was when the body was in its teenage so called years.

I was with a friend who invited me to a friends house, who I had never met before. The Mother was out, it was summer, and they were having a little gathering.

A few minutes after sitting down on a couch, in front of me across the room An APPARITION of a Woman appeared, fully clothed, with one hand bent and from the elbow up was lit on fire.

Having always clearly remembered BEFORE Earth, arriving here and being SENT, with constant contact with many beings, I nonchalantly asked the person who lived there if  anyone had recently crossed over. He started crying, and wouldn’t say anything, and needless to say the party was over.

The next day I was contacted by his Mother. She asked if I would come over and speak with her, so I did.

We sat at the kitchen table and she had a closed photo album in front of her. She asked me questions what did I see and what did she say. I gave specifics of her dress, her hair, her eyes, and about the partial arm lit on fire.

She opened the photo album and showed several pictures with that specific polka dot dress on.

She showed me many photos and said, notice how all of these photos, her arm is always hidden,  covered up or behind her back?

The hidden arm was the arm I saw lit in flames.

This woman was her mother, she had crossed over one week prior to my seeing her. When her mother was a teenager she burnt that specific part of her arm severely in a fire.

This was her proof, without a doubt, her mother still existed.  That I was even there at that house, saw what I did, is all part of the Soul contract, plan before even arriving.

The mother and daughter had an agreement that would play out. AS none of this is random.

That she would know without a shadow of a doubt, that there is life after so called death.

And that the eternal presence and awareness thereof, accessed through the pure heart.

There is more to all of this and the myriad of beings that would come to me day and night with their messages.

For now, THE Divine Council of Overseers are the orchestrators of the frequencies as all of this plays out.

The plan always continues.

Grace is always given.

Love is only what is real and eternal.

In that love, there is never separation.

In this, we activate, love, now.


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  1. Immensely grateful for the Grace that is always given and for this Sacred Activation! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜

  2. Absolutely amazing, thank you you so much 🙏🏻 I love you! 💗💗💗

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