Your State of Being and Manifesting

L'AuraEnergy is energy and even in choices and decisions, it is the ENERGY going through you in those moments that IMPACTS how things play out.

Same scenario, same decision or action, ONE while in peace and harmony as a STATE of consciousness, the OTHER holding doubt and FEAR will have completely different outcomes.

AS everything is energy and what goes through you is what you are sending out and what you are vibrating to and sending out, comes back to you.

Fear then MORE fear.

I see it over and over again. COMING from a place of eternal harmony and peace, is where it is at, as a position of strength. AS it is the foundation of harmony that draws to your reality more of it.

Coming from doubt the outcome will prove to you, yes you needed to doubt. DID IT HAVE to be that way? OF course NOT, you got what you put out.

Same choice filled with peace and harmony, WILL reveal PERFECT choice, as it is WHAT you will receive and perceive as your reality.

When will everyone get, IT IS YOUR STATE of being that matters.

Do you really want more peace? More Joy? COME from that only. Steps perceived as backwards, out of fear and hate ~ will come back to you.

All of this is karma? Well all of this is WHAT IT IS.

What you are BEING is what you GET.

Remember this with all manifestations and intentions.

As in my last post ~ are you wanting things to hide your true self, or insecurities or fears? Or to gain externally to look better. IF so you will continue in a reality that proves to you ~ you need to do that. Again why? Because of WHAT you are being as a state of consciousness IS YOUR REALITY!!!

Post Manifesting From your Heart versus your Ego:

Manifesting Through Your Heart

In love, L’Aura

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