Memorial Day and Remembrance Day

LInannaThese are sacred days for the United States and Canada.

We remember those that fought in wars and lost their lives. Gave all to help, that which they believed in.

Memorial Day this year, in the United States, is today (May 27th) and at 3pm, people pause for a few moments, remembering and honouring  those that lost their lives.

In Canada we honour and remember those that lost their lives on 11:11 every year and at 11:11 am we pause and give honour.

Souls that have given their lives, although it does not make the loss to loved ones any easier, agreed before incarnating, to be a part of all of this.

Life on Earth is Sacred, beings are born, beings cross over and that includes sacred animal companions.

Through your remembering and honouring, remember one thing. WE all of us, are here to become love. The love that unites and joins together. Not only our own Soul, our Earth self with our Eternal Self, but us AS becoming the purest love.

This is the love that does not separate countries or people. But joins them with the eternal knowing, we are all here to love. And although the journey can be so filled with pain and hatred, violence and massacre, surrounding us, or touching our lives in a more personal way.  It is the love ONLY that carries on and is eternal and lives forever in our hearts and in the hearts we touch.

And to this, we hold all in love, today this Memorial Day, to all those that gave their lives on Earth, for the purpose of greater peace and less harm in the world. For those that lost their loves. For those that hold the honour of giving all, for love. We do honour them now and always. And in love, this lives on forever.

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  1. George Frazell

    I like most Canadians and Americans do (I hope) understand and feel the spirit of LOVE for one’s own country, for their fellow citizens and family that would inspire anyone to take up arms to defend it. It is the same kind of LOVE which a Mother feels when she jumps in to fight a wild animal to defend her child. On Memorial Day, I tap into that love deeply and profoundly, as I pass each veterans grave, I say a silent thank you. I was ready to do the same for them as a US Marine almost 50 years ago, that spirit of LOVE for my country and its people has never left me, indeed it is in the NOW moment as you speak of so often in your posts L’Aura Pleiadian. Thank you for posting this, I Love You !!!

  2. Thank You Beloved QOL ~ such Sacred Grace, Beauty, Holy Love experienced ~ Thank You for this divine honoring. I offer eternal Love & Gratitude for all who gave their lives ~ Thanking them for their divine service ~ Thankful for their brave stature ~ helping plant the seeds of peace & love upon the Earth & for humanity 🙂 My highest salute & Love I offer ~ as well as eternal peace, healing, comfort, & heavenly Love to the loved ones, family, friends who may have experienced a loss. All of my Love & Honor. Thank You for this blessing remembering ~ ever Grateful for Your Wisdom. 🙂 I Love YOU 🙂

  3. So beautiful L’Aura, thank you so much 🙏🏻💗🕊

  4. Thank you so much, Beloved QOL! So beautifully expressed! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜✨

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