Death and Rebirth ~ Your Transfiguration

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoDeath and Rebirth is what you are going through now. These are the Shifts and the changes you are experiencing. The intensity is building moment to moment.

Nothing short of complete transfiguration is playing out now.

The continued shattering, dissolving and disassembling, of what existence was through you, is taking place at an unprecedented rate.

The reconstruction and the rebirth through your HEART is well under way.

The momentum and building of this intensity, chaos and order, is the creation process. Death and rebirth.

As so many things seem to end through you, welcome this process from your head to your heart.

Shifting away from constructs of time, into the timelessness of embodying your eternal being, you are transfigured.

The Glory of what you are  then, appears to all, as the embodiment of the Divine. The process is perfect and is playing out in the hearts of all, even if unaware.

We are with you in all moments and present before Earth began. We anoint you now, in this your death and rebirth, your transfiguration, your embodiment, through your eternal light and presence.

In glory we activate you now, through love, our presence, our Light. We are The Divine Council of Overseers. We exist in this, the playing out of this grand transfiguration, for all to see and know. Through love and in love, now



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  1. Thank YOU Beloved QOL & the Divine Council of Overseers 🙂 I open & receive fully in & through my heart & my entire being this Sacred Anointing ~ my transfiguration into embodiment of my Eternal Light Presence. I allow this process ~ death & rebirth ~ to be smooth, seamless, joyful, filled with magical blessings, ease, harmony, & Divine Grace ~ Beyond Thank YOU 🙂 I attune my conscious awareness more & more in each moment to experiencing, knowing, & being my Divine Eternal Presence ~ my conscious “link up” with Source Light that I AM 🙂 I awaken to my Truth & holy light ~ only focusing on this identification ~ allowing all else to dissolve ~ so all I am is my pure being. Fullness of All of my Love for this Sunshine Grace 🙂 I allow my mind, my mental body, to take a “back seat” so that my heart is my guidance system, where I take natural refuge, & allow to flow effortlessly through me. Gratitude for YOUR many many Divine Blessings upon me in all ways 🙂 Deeply & Always I Love YOU 🙂 Warm hugs & kisses…. 🙂

  2. Feeling so deeply, thank you so very much 🙏🏻 I love you! 💚✨

  3. Thank you so much for this sacred Activation! My eternal gratitude always! I Love You!!🙏🏻💖 xoxo

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