The State of The Consciousness on Earth

It feels very fitting, to write today on the state of consciousness here on Earth. On the one hand we have mass consciousness that feeds off itself, as a programmed conditioning of fear.

On the other hand, we have those who have stepped out of the status quo (mass consciousness) way of being, and have chosen to follow their own hearts.

Fear as an energetic conditioned response, does have its benefits, for many years ago, a bear attacking us, it was necessary to respond with that rush of adrenaline, fight or flight.

All too common is the conditioning of response, to all things, resistance, control, dictatorship, the herd mentality, and plain old, stuck in the mess of ones thoughts and reactions.

For those breaking free from mass consciousness, following their hearts, we have a breakthrough in the weakening of the hold mass consciousness, has upon itself, as a once powerful, thought form, conditioning.

This programming; carriedΒ over, generation after generation. In the DNA. In the memory.

One thing is clear, DNA has the power to change. Emotions and thoughts, impacting the DNA also impacts the subconscious mind.

The Original way of being through the heart is also inherent as a dormant memory, reawakening, through the letting go of old conditioning. Awakening this advanced way of being DNA memory. Free from fear as a conditioned energetic response.

Although it is clearly obvious, that there still exists some of the old conditioning of 3D mass consciousness, rearing its ugly head, it is also clear, that changes are making their way into main stream.

As it is becoming more natural, to take the way that is the higher way, that lives through true love. Is kind and gentle. Knowns nothing of the way of harm, and does not feed off fear.

We are on the verge, of a Greater Awakening.

Making Consciousness Great, as it has always originally been, inΒ the love principle. Giving way to love, doing no harm. living in peace within ourselves, is the Only way, we evolve.

Transforming one person each within their own consciousness, one person at a time. Is all this takes. And the hundredth monkey effect, is already being revealed.

The consciousness as a whole, transforming, transformed, into what it always was, minus the conditioning.

In love always, L’Aura




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  1. Mercedes BelalcΓ‘zar Mejia

    Last night I heard Healing, I felt it intensely, I transported myself to another world with your voice and with your energy, then I practiced the Merkaba, and in one of those experiences I saw you in front of me as Mother Mary.
    Navigating my soul through the waves of the sea of liquid light between light and darkness, but seeking to illuminate the darkness, because light sustains me and illuminates me
    ❀ ❀ I Love You ❀ ❀ ❀ Eternal Love and Bliss ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. This is so powerful and so beautiful! Thank you so much! I Love You! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’›βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨

  3. Thank YOU Beloved QOL for this update ~ Always welcoming YOUR Sacred Wisdom. Attuning in each moment to the “voice” of my heart & Soul & following through with its prompts. Living in Joy, Peace within & through my heart ~ guiding & leading the Way. Surrendering to the Glory of each Moment in its magical bliss ~ no fear ~ no harm ~ just pure being & evolving in accordance to my Original Plan ~ Original Light. 4ever Grateful to YOU ~ 4ever Loving YOU!!!! πŸ™‚ !!!! Opening & receiving higher light frequencies within my DNA & integrating with ease & Grace. Beyond Grateful ~ Beyond Gratitude. Ty Ty Ty!!! πŸ™‚ Deeply I LOVE YOU πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you so much L’Aura! Beautiful πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œπŸ•Š

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