Entering Higher Dimensions Now

Entering the Eternal Magic of You Now

The New Divine Humanity

BlissΒ in the most magical of worlds…Entering and shifting consciously to the glory that is NOW.

The YOU that is eternal lives is conscious in all dimensions, now.

BEING the Divine YOU ~ your Higher Self. That lives and breathes each moment into being. Is YOU.

All of this is here, for you, as you, eternally and now.

No waiting needed ~ Entering the fullness of your Being and exist consciously, as that, now.

The magic exists through the eternal Light ~ YOU. Flowing through you in real true love, unconditional love.

This shifts your frequency and you become your eternal LIGHT in FORM.

Your form is not solid. Your form is consciousness, as light. You will know yourself as this Light Being existing in these other worlds now.

These other dimensions exist now. You exist NOW in parallel worlds.

When your frequency ALIGNS with these Higher dimensions (including the 5th…

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  1. Thanks it is Much love

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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