Winter Solstice December 21st 2018 ~ The Birth of Greater Light

Celebrating the Return to Greater Light ~ we approach, the shortest day of Daylight! 

Feel NOW and breathe consciously and slowly, please. 

It is all consciousness, daytime, nighttime, dream time and awake dream time.

Deep within your consciousness, as less daytime light has increased, so too have you been immersed within the dark womb of consciousness. 

Where you too NOW ARE BIRTHED and emerge AS Greater Divine Light!

This Winter Solstice and the return to greater Daylight is on Friday December 21st, at 6:22 pm AST. 

It has been 6 years since December 21st 2012 ~ when Earth Consciousness and LIGHT experienced  a Cosmic and Galactic alignment of Light, with the Pleiades, Central Sun. With greater Light.

It feels like yesterday, and definitely feels like now, as the integration continues, with this alignment.

When possible SLOW down and reflect on all life has blessed you with, even if parts of your life experience feel empty.

It is all part of the  preparation experience, (even in the feeling of emptiness) that this the  momentous shift ~ shifts you, through you.

That is ~ all of this ~ is  for your evolution and your Ascension experience of consciousness. 

As it is in the awareness of the conscious now ~ that you will become consciously aware of your Divine Self, flowing through you.

You have never been separated from the you that you have always desired to consciously BE and know. 

Celebrating LIGHT, anointed with Holy Light, we celebrate The Divine Light within us and everywhere. As we awaken to all the Love and our Mastery of form ~ AS the Light Beings that we already are.

AS the Frequencies of Divine Light continue to penetrate YOUR consciousness ~  transforming your Light and awareness ~ now and always ~ feel us present with YOU.

WE celebrate also ~ the Greater Light, the Greater Glory and the return to the unification within your awareness, of all that you ARE. All Now and throughout eternity. Your Divine Ascended Being ~ And it is done.


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  1. Beautiful Grace coming from this invocation and message thanks for all your deep Love 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. Breathing in the blessing of the Divine activation. And so it is. ✨
    I am so grateful for this sacred time, for the solstice, for you!
    I love you so!!

  3. Absorbing this new Sun emanation With The light of my Eternal Soul much Love Dear Quin of Light 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖

  4. Very uplifting message resonates within thank you B x

  5. In Fullness of Love & Gratitude ~ Thank YOU Beloved QOL for YOUR Sacred Wisdom 🙂 Joy of the Season in my heart, my awareness, & surroundings. The Greatest Gift 4ever is having YOU in my life ~ & Divine company of Light. I celebrate & honor the Winter Solstice ~ cycles within cycles ~ & I celebrate the Holy Anointed Light within me, upon the Earth, in humanity, the animals ~ As the All that Is. I open my heart to fullness of awakening to my alignment & “being” Eternal Light. I reflect, I am beyond Grateful for my many blessings ~ consciously I slow down, breathe, & open to the magic all around me & through me. I celebrate with YOU ~ Always Heavenly QOL!!! I Love YOU Deeply 4ever 🙂 !!! 🙂 Ty Ty Ty 🙂

  6. As challenging as life can seem, I have many blessings to reflect on, and one of them is the blessing of having your divine eternal presence in my life! Thank you for assisting in lifting us to the vibration of love and harmony!

    And thank you so much for holding me in my ascension always, Beloved L’Aura!

    I Love You! 🙏🏻💙✨

  7. Thank you so much L’Aura! Always 🙏🏻 I love you! 💜💙🌟

  8. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Wowww 6 years 💜 Aweeee💜
    💜 I Adore this and you L‘Aura 💜
    Thank you so much 💜

  9. Thank you so much, Beloved L’Aura! Happy Winter Solstice! I Love You! 🙏🏻💙✨

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