Your Ascension ~ Stepping Up to The Plate

Are YOU feeling attacked or severely feeling challenged in some way in your physical world?

What is happening (during the challenge) is the experience of our consciousness STRETCHING ~ which forces us to trust more, to let go of old beliefs and to LIVE MORE PRESENTLY in the now.

Do what it takes to live for today.

Do not live for a future, that is all too well-known in 3D and 4th Dimensional consciousness through habit.

We are letting GO of those old outdated modes of thinking.

Similar to breaking a habit the DISSOLVING process can feel very uncomfortable.

Let us step UP to the PLATE, so to speak, and RISE in our awareness to what is WE ARE Eternally.

Eternity exists ONLY in the present moment. When OUR filter of consciousness is dissolved and doesn’t base what is happening on a FUTURE or PAST outcome.

This as yay know  is THE new way of being.

JUST today, live for today.

Let go of that watch if you can. Give the timekeeper within you, a permanent holiday.

Feel your breath.

LET go (consciously) of any thoughts of a future or past. ACT as if ONLY now is what exists, because it does, eternally.

IN this Advanced STATE of Being, OUR Divine Presence LIVES through us and we become CONSCIOUS of BEING only THAT which is present.

AS we adopt the letting go process of acceptance and trust to BE what we ARE, now is perfect, our Divine self is ALL that flows through us.

WE let go of all that we thought LIFE was, Earth WAS, and we then are overcome BY the MAJESTIC Glory and Being of OUR Eternal Self.

OUR identity then  becomes aware of being only That.

WE do not let go only when things are as we THINK they should be. WE let go of any hold on how we want it to be, how it should be, now.

This then becomes the stepping stone to living the miraculous moment to moment.

The GLORIOUS Ones NOW Rise in their state of consciousness FUNCTIONING through the HIGHEST levels of merged DIMENSIONS and they lead the WAY.

I Am present as you step into this GLORY.

This GLORY shines brighter than any SUN. 

Your are this And More. 

NOW  is forever, it is REAL and it FLOWS…….As Living LIGHT.

IT exists NOW. Feel and Receive. In love.




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  1. Yes, Beloved QOL 🙂 Tingles all over ~ excitement to now live fully & through this New Way of Being ~ merged & aligned with & as & through my exalted Higher Divine Self. A Sacred Gift. Thank YOU for YOUR Exquisite Grace each step of the process ~ holding me in beloved unconditional love. Consciously I breathe in each moment ~ identifying within/around/through me only the Eternal ~ fully established in my Divinity on all levels in each moment. Beyond Grateful to YOU Beautiful QOL & Overseers!!! 🙂 I Love YOU 🙂 4ever & Always 🙂 I live in the now moment. All is ease, Grace, & harmony. Joy!!! 🙂

  2. Beloved , once more THANKS …………………

  3. El El dom, 28 de oct. de 2018 a las 10:13 a.m., The New Divine Humanity escribió:

    > The New Divine Humanity posted: “Are YOU feeling attacked or severely > feeling challenged in some way in your physical world? What is really > happening is the consciousness STRETCHING process, forcing us to trust > more, to let go of old beliefs and to LIVE in the now. Do what it takes” >

  4. Perfect in every way. I will. Bless you L’Aira for this sacred activation. I love you so. 💖🦋💖🦋💖

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Powerful Activation💜
    I Feel and Receive💜
    I Love and Thank you L‘Aura💜

  6. Thank you so much L’Aura! I love you! ♥️🌹🌟

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