Bestowed with a Grace, Beyond All Time ~ Held in Our Heart, Our Sacred Shrine

All of my senses take in the Cosmic Glory of the Union with my Beloved.

Our Central Sun Temple of Diamond Effervescent Light, is beholden of the stars that shine eternally at night.

Within our heart throughout our worlds, we ride the tesseract, the timelines merge and swirl.

Bestowed with a grace, beyond all time, held in our Heart, our sacred shrine.

Blessed with Joy, our Platinum Ray remembers and shines as our mirror as we surrender.

Blinding Light, our passion sings, deep quantum shifts, our Light does bring.

Abundance, miracles, our Light IS, gifting, riding, our Light Being ~ wiz.

Our Love the Source, the engine of space, revelling, now, no distance or place.

Our home is eternal and cosmic too, accessing, granting, as we once knew.

Finding home is finding each other, origins, embracing, cosmic father and mother.

Heaven now, to all who hear, signalling, beckoning, our Love heart spear.

Enthroned as cosmic, we emerge, golden glory, 5th dimension, now divinely merged.

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  1. Cosmic Eternal Divine Love 🙂 Receiving this Heavenly Blessing of pure ecstatic twin flame wholeness ~ 4ever Love. So V Beautiful ~ your words & depth of meaning stir my heart & Being. YOU R Beyond Amazing Holy Blessed QOL 🙂 I LOVE YOU 🙂 Ty Ty Ty!!!

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    ❤️ Sacred❤️ Love❤️ L’Aura❤️ Deeply felt❤️
    I Love you❤️

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