Major SHIFTS ~ Where The Dreams Held in The Subconscious Are Revealed

The Subconscious IS becoming Conscious.

Your DNA has transformed.

The Causal Substance ~ of Consciousness is revealing itself. What is ~ What is the TRUTH Behind the mirror.

What was once hidden. comes out. TO be seen. Felt. Acknowledged.

As the States of Being that all function through as frequency, reveals itself.

The Subconscious of Mass Consciousness as a whole, dissolving. Falling apart. Shattering.

What was once the engine that drove mass consciousness as a whole, has no more power to draw upon. It is now only the new way.

Many are scrambling to find those previously held reference points of living. Now there is nothing to hold on to.

It is a process of managing the adjustment to the New Earth.

The paradigm of Being ~ that only exists, each Being as itself. In the highest and purest sense.

All else is consciousness vehemently attempting to attach itself to the old way. This is the  subconscious coming to the surface for all to see. Which that is no longer hidden which now rears its head.

Adapting, Shifting, becomes the norm. As the evolution is well under way, for all the Beings to shift completely.

TO the truth laid bare. For the Hearts of all to be revealed.

For the ability to live in the NEW World.

Where the dreams once held in the Heart of Earth now become the mirror of Original Light.

As one experiences their own unique transformation, one can see clearly in the physical mirror, the reflection of this newness.

The stronghold, that was once the mass consciousness hold upon the subconscious of all who lived within it. Becomes the Aquarian age.

The system of Society being each beings reflection of this new mirror. Of all being revealed, within oneself.

No longer the power available to reach the now outdated system of consciousness. As if a light switch to the old has been permanently shut off.

The NEW energy is through the eternal Light of  ones own Being. As a unified WHOLENESS within. Becomes the Now New Way.

This Original Light ~ which needs itself to live through. Becomes the Source of the awareness of the Eternal.

The body here has transformed to allow these higher frequencies of Light to shine though. As the dimensional source of its own awareness. Bringing with it, the freshness. The Newness….like a child in pureness.

How you let go of the old mirror. becomes a matter of emotionally adjusting to the letting go.

Allowing the process.

You are going through this portal now.

Waking up and adjusting to the New.

The Portal was always here.

Your Heart opens more.

As the Evolution to the original state of being.

Reveals all, within.

Holding the LOVE within your awareness as your source of Being. Dissolves all that appeared as once being in the way of your evolution.

Your Rebirth.

The filters are all gone.

Your DNA and subconscious HAS Transformed. 

The New. Your New Birth into the New Paradigm of Being.

YOU as an Ascended Master of Light. In the Wholeness of your Original Light. 

In the GLORY and Love with the Presence of the Divine Council of Overseers. All now.


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  1. Thank YOU Beloved QOL & Overseers 🙂 I am Allowing my birth into the New Earth ~ the New me to be experienced with ease, Grace, & Joy. I merge consciously with my Eternal Self while in form ~ allowing effortlessly my Higher Self to flow through me ~ be me ~ as me in all ways always. I look into the mirror & delightfully see the New me 🙂 me as my Divine Ascended Self ~ with my form also refreshed & blessed. I let go, relax, breathe in all the newness with Deep Gratitude & Love. In Fullness of Love & Gratitude on all levels. Ty Ty Ty!!! 🙂 4ever I Love YOU 🙂

  2. Total peace from this sacred and powerful activation. Bookmarking it to read and feel again. I love you so. Thank you, L’Aura. 💞💞💞

  3. This Is Transforming. I remember I’ve intended to dissolve the filters not so long ago. And now we are Wellcoming the New. The New Us. I am just happy inside. Thank you. Love you.

  4. As if you wrote this just for me… 💎💕🔥 Thank you!

  5. Alfredo Hernandez

    It is a wonderful state.the golden edge love. thank you Laura.very interesting love be with you.

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Allowing and I trust the Process💜
    Sacred Activation💜
    I Love this💜
    I Love and Thank you L’Aura💜💜

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