Full Moon in Cancer ~ January 12th, 2017 ~ Catharsis


The Full Moon in Cancer, January 12th at 7:33 am AST in the sign of the crab, with a Cardinal Cross involving Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. Sun opposite Moon. A Culmination a release. A Transformation.

THIS may start to be FELT and experienced DEEP within ~ NOW.

You may experience a deep Catharsis. A death and rebirth.  The release of emotions may feel turbulent, sudden and very powerful. Crying, letting go, releasing.

The home, the Fourth house, the world of the INNER Sanctum, may suddenly feel as though it is all falling apart. This is part of the death and rebirth process. The cleansing. The renewal.

EVERYTHING that is not in harmony, not in alignment with your Higher Self, that still exists within your Blueprint as a reactive emotional response mechanism. Fears, deeply hidden within your subconscious mind. Pain, sadness, depression, is there to be released.

The Powerful Full Moon in Cancer, is a very emotional Full Moon. For those INNER hidden deep emotions and feelings TO RISE. To arise. To be felt, experienced, acknowledged, so that they no longer stay in the hidden depths, as reactive impulses.

Till the masks that cover the INNER You (your inner home within) are all removed.

And all that is left, is the Glorious YOU. The Higher Self you.

The One who lives as if a child. In Pureness of Being. Living in the MOMENT. With all that arises, deep within you.

You as The ONE who feels, lives and loves ~ with COMPLETE compassion. For all that you have been through. For all that you feel. For every moment. Every breath. As the ONE who is here, to be that love. Deep within.

Cleansing the emotional body. Cleansing the inner sanctum. The Home. The true home within. So that the harmony as your pure Original state of consciousness, becomes the ONE that you experience in all moments, within.

The Power of this Full Moon may feel at times overwhelming. YET as in all moments, going with what is. ALLOWING and not pushing under behind even more masks, the EXPERIENCE of the moment ~ is the FLOW. The water, the moon, the cycles, that live within.

Embracing this Divine State ~  creates the metamorphosis  through the catharsis,  going ever deeper within. Revealing more and more in all moments, the Divine Presence self. The Higher Self. Your Original PURE LIGHT.

This is your Ascension.

Your Transformation.

Your Death and Rebirth.

Your Catharsis.

Your Metamorphosis.

Into that which you Originally were created AS.

Your Soul Star Matrix, as the radiation of YOUR Divine Presence.

The Alchemy of disharmony into Pure Harmony.

The inner Home ~ The SACRED eternal Divine Holy Temple of the Glory of Divinity. IS all within.


Feel it now ~ as YOU FLOW. With it.

In All Moments ~ And So it is! In the Love and Glory of ALL that is ~ that knows no limits and no end. I love you!




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    I love yoh

  2. Today, listening to Light Language Activation- the Void, I finally had a vision of the projection in a mirror and of my consciousness and how this affects this plane, even if it is an illusion or a projection, I finally think that I have awakened to understand what is happening.
    Also listening to your transmission, I felt you very close, too familiar, I understood that you are always with me. I feel very happy. I think all this is reflected in your beautiful and magical eyes.
    ❤ ❤ I Love You Divine Heart ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Fascinating, it has felt as though something was coming to a head. You are a lovely messenger, thanks for the good news!

  4. susannelucieschneider

    Dear L’aura,
    it is my birthday today 🙂 and I felt today and the days before this deep coming home into my inner holy space, all this love….., all this tingling energy within my cellular body…and everything what occurs seems to be so transparent…and crystal clear…thank you for your being here on the planet at this time, I love you Susanne-Lucie

  5. Thank you for your help and wisdom, this coming full moon is the release I have been waiting for. Thank you for also being aware of my concerns for my son, please continue to hold him in the light so that he too will release and move into the light- ( without too much damage to those around him!) thank you again for being the
    much needed light for so many of us. With much love, light, peace and hugs. Valerie x

  6. My name is spelled L’ Aura Pleiadian ~ legally. 💜💜💜

  7. Thanks ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. ❤ Love ❤ Absolutely ❤ Deeply Felt, So Profound, ❤ Love ❤ And Thank You L’Aura,

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    So Sacred🌕 I flow with ‘breath to breath’ process💖 Thank you L’Aura💖 I Love you💖

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