A Cosmic RESET ~ An Override of 3D Programming


Breathe and relax deeply, as you VOYAGE deep into the recesses of your Subconscious mind and programming. For a Cosmic RESET, of your Consciousness.

Are you noticing your Default program? You know that program that keeps coming back on automatic pilot, so to speak?

When we CLOSELY observe the processes of consciousness, we develop the awareness of what is actually going on within us.

So you are going along smoothly, being present in the moment, then something happens. You find yourself immersed back once again, in the complaining, the judging, the incessant thought processes, of 3D.

Coexisting in many dimensions, juggling a 3D world, that once consisted of a consciousness program that once ran your consciousness, while balancing the new.

That is ~ INTEGRATED the New way of Being (5th Dimensional Consciousness) may feel at times, being tossed to and throw, as if in a sea of disillusion.

What is Taking place (now) is the process of MAKING OBSOLETE the earlier DEFAULT Programming of 3D. That is right, your Default program of consciousness.

That go to place, like comfort food, your old programming. GOING back in consciousness to what FEELS more familiar to you.

A reprieve from the COURAGE it takes, to step fully into the unknowable.

The Cosmic Override, that is taking PLACE NOW; the rewriting and re wiring of your consciousness. Transforms your entire being, your neural pathways. Your thought processes. YOUR REALITY. 

Peering into the Cosmic Computer, is looking deeply into consciousness itself.

A Sea of networks, interconnected on many levels (Dimensions) with which you travel through, and with which your thought processes, connect you to the reality that you find yourself within.

The rippling residue, almost like a 3D Hangover, reveals the traces left, in your Default program.

This residue, is what is up NEXT to be dissolved in the OVERRIDE  of the Cosmic computer.

You exist within this Cosmic Computer. You are within it NOW.

The Forces of Consciousness, the Overseers Balance and activate ALL those that are going through the INITIATORY Phases of EVOLUTION.

Those interfacing on PLANET EARTH in their consciousness stream, are being SEEN as if through a microscope, till the override to the new program (5th Dimensional Consciousness) is complete.

Are you VIEWING this within yourself NOW?

Are you witnessing and observing the soon to be obsolete program within you?

Do you notice and observe the traces of 3D?

The thought processes of 3D and the ENLIGHTENED thought processes of the New YOU are The expanded YOU that exists in a Higher Dimension. Now.

SINCE this Earth INTERFACING is simply a Holographic Experience, the varying levels and dimensions have always COEXISTED. As when the GODS ( the Creators of Form) walked the Earth. Co existing, with ALL beings everywhere, Yet HERE. Now.

When you SEE reality for what it is. What you are inside of ~ YOU will closely witness this process taking place  within you.

A Sea of Light Codes. Liquid Light. A Cosmic Computer, a series of thought processes, carried through all dimensions and time.

In GREAT amazement you will observe how transformed you are, in the Light of the Cosmic OVERRIDE, the cosmic Light, of The All That is. Now.

Now as this is transmitting to you (as a frequency of Light) is rewriting more of your script, to include, your awareness of the entire PROCESS of your Ascension.

Your GLORIOUS new way of being. That you will witness was ALWAYS there present for you.


LOOK into the Mirror of YOU.

The Overseers are in this TRANSMISSION.  As an Activation of frequency.

There is MORE of your Truth that is being revealed within you. Now.

More of the COSMIC computer and the COSMIC OVERRIDE of consciousness.

A COSMIC RESET, if you will, of the INTERFACING program  ITSELF, through the Council of Overseers.

For you Now. In the Eternal Light.

In Eternal Grace.

And here we ARE! All NOW in the GLORIOUS everlasting BEAUTY, Love and GRACE of ALL That is! 

Receive this Now!


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  1. I receive this powerful and sacred Activation Now! Thank you so much! I Love You! ❤️

  2. I think I just experienced this…..I don’t know….I want more…
    I saw within all the lights and codes and geometrics…like the whole universe
    Then I opened my eyes and saw my world and thought….this isn’t real!!!!

    I don’t know it was a flash!

    help me L’aura

  3. Indeed, receiving I Am, and grateful I Am. Love and Light to you L’Aura and to all our Pleadian brothers and sisters supporting humanity in its ascension.

  4. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    From L’aura Pleiadian…

  5. Thank you 🙂

  6. I love you 😍
    Present & eternal

  7. Beautifull Dimentional Reset thanks time is different

  8. 💜 Powerfully Felt 💜 Truly Sacred 💜 Love 💜 And Thank You L’Aura 💜

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Sacred beautiful💜 Cosmic Reset 💜 Thank you so much L’Aura💜
    I Love you💜

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