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  1. cheers L’Aura I do have a question though, If parts of me exist in higher plains and I’ve already ascended why in that case do I have to keep suffering I use that term because all my life I’d have been fine taking all this on then right before the start of all this a couple of years ago it’s as though life has gone all out to break me. Now I believe this is no coincidence, but why? all its done is just make it much harder and for what ? if on some level ive already gone through this? so then how to love something that’s very deliberately making my life hard. I am being a little bit devils advocate but broadly speaking this is what happened to me. lol I like to think I’ve made progress though with the good times hopefully ready to return

  2. ❤️Thank you❤️I love you❤️

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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