Meditation is a State of Consciousness ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Meditation a contemplation, a practise, a reflection.

A devotion, a way of living, a commitment to self-awareness, as the God Self.

A concentration, an intention and focus. Of the Inner observing as the DIVINE Self.

This inner awareness and observation, where the ONE focused inwardly, becomes the observer, the God Self, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is a state of consciousness and this State of Consciousness as the Divine Observer, observes AS the embodiment of non attachment, itself.

This observing as the Divine God Self, through its PRESENCE, clears and dissolves the memories held in the Blueprint, that ARISE, though the Souls Plan, to be Loved.

Being the Witness and Observer is a state of consciousness that is Union with the Divine Self. Β This state of consciousness through its awareness of non attachment, lives in neutrality, Love and Bliss.

The Higher levels of meditation known through the experience of Samadhi (Union with the Divine) is the NATURAL state of Being as fully merged, fully ONE with the Divine Self.

There is nothing to attain, only the letting go of attachments, through Being the Divine Self (observing) that opens you to the Fullness of the Eternal Light that you are. You ARE always in a state of Samadhi (your Divine Self) and exist as Divine Love, Bliss and Union, eternally.

This is your Original State of Being.

Your Ascension is the letting go of your attachments to memories (through self-love) in 3D (a state of consciousness known through attachments) WHICH allows your Divine Self to BE the ONE that you ARE. That is the ONE you are without attachments.

It is a frequency and an awareness that brings to LIGHT the awareness of Being Limitless, of Being the God Self. Higher Self. Eternal Self.

When we observe our thoughts, observe inside our body, observe our feelings, (with Love) and observe all that arises, including the reactions of the physical form. We become THE ONE who was always free, always Divine. Always Ascended.

You do not need to meditate in a cave (unless you want to) you can set time aside and being practising FOCUSING and Observing.

You may NOW through the intense HIGHER Frequencies through the Galactic Alignment with the Higher Source ~ Central Sun Divine Light, OPEN to be in the constant state of DIVINE Observing as your Divine Self.

This letting go of attachments, is the Freedom that is the true portal to the ONE that was always present, within you, throughout eternity.

The Inner Voice that is God.

That is Divine.

That is the Original LIGHT YOU.

That is PRESENT and is your DIVINE Presence that is animating your form. The reason you are HERE.

Dedicate your life to awareness. Self Awareness. Self Love. Being present. Observing within. Knowing yourself asΒ the DIVINE ONE that observes 3D memories, 3D attachments, and which, through its OBSERVANCE (which is Divine Presence, which is LOVE) Β is the LIGHT you become in UNION with and as.

Begin this moment.

That is all there is.

Breathe this in and know that if your mind thinks it has forgotten to observe, the ONE who observes within you, IS ALWAYS Observing.

Your Ascension is your UNION with your Divine Self that is your Original LIGHT and that HAS ALWAYS been with YOU.

Receive and it is done.

IN the Eternal Light which is LOVE in the Everlasting Presence of the Divine, I Am with You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Art courtesy of Louis Dyer

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2016.

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  1. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog while researching topics like consciousness and spirituality as I work on my next book, tentatively titled: Transformational Awakening. Thank you for your beautiful commentary on meditating and observing!

  3. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  4. That was Beautiful, seriously,
    Its hard to put into words how I’m feeling of late.
    Magical times

    Much Love & many Blessings

  5. πŸ’œ Deeply Amazing πŸ’œ So Very Sacred πŸ’œ Love πŸ’œ Thank You L’Aura πŸ’œ

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    πŸ’ž So SacredπŸ’ž Love this and YouπŸ’ž Thank youπŸ’ž

  7. Thank you with Love, eternally πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve been moving with and through this all week. I knew it was pretty spiritual just had not defined it yet. Interesting.

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