Bypassing the Need to Wait ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


When you are always โ€œWaitingโ€ for something that is notย present in your life to arrive,ย you are living in the grand illusion of 3D, that is the Repetitive cycle, and incarnation cycle, of YOU always WAITING to receive that ONE thing you desire the most. ย You will receive That one thing you desire the most, which your Soul Desires, which you have incarnated over and over to receive, that is, your Destiny. And it is far greater than you realize.

Your Soul has set before you a Journey to arrival when you incarnated, guiding you in the present moment, to your deepest Desires, which is YOUR DESTINY. This is a fool-proof Journey. YOUR Soul knows what you need to be ready to receive. And no matter how far you go off track, you will always be brought back on track, because there is NO way AROUND IT.

Have you ever noticedโ€ฆ

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