Everything Happens for a Reason~5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


What if every single event, circumstance, and people, are all there for a reason. What if all of your Feelings are there for a reason, even the ones that you do not like or enjoy?

What if all the events of your life are playing out through a Universe (your Soul) that is the observer for you on behalf of the you that “thinks” it is separate, in order to help you unearth within you, an expanded awareness of the Eternal Love of You.

Would you then conspire to Know yourself? To observe yourself. To Be the investigator of you and your behaviours? Of your circumstances? Of your feelings? Of What is really going on, and what is it that you are Being Shown through these experiences?

It is liberating when we recognize, that every experience, is SPEAKING to us.

To awaken.

What if all the things you think needs to be fixed, only desires…

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